Friday, October 12, 2018

Autophilia Detailing & Paintworks: Making a car girl's dream come true

Ever since I got Ace (my 2001 Honda Accord) 7 years ago, the first thing I ever wanted to do was bring him in for a paint job. The stock "mist silver" doesn't really scream awesomeness so a repaint was first on my list.

But... every time I try to bring him in something always gives out. Suspension, cooling system, you name it. But the worst of all, was a complete engine overhaul. So needless to say my dream paint job kept on getting pushed back, and pushed back, and pushed back. Frustrating to watch it's paint and body die a very slow death.

After a dozen inquiries, 8 paint job quotes and 7 years of waiting... my stars have finally aligned. Ace was finally "confined" at Autophilia Detailing and Paintworks in Cubao QC.

One of the reasons it took so long for me to have him done is because I am so picky when it comes to choosing the right paint shop. I want excellent quality and decent customer service. I sound like a stiff but it's true. LOL. When it comes to my car, I don't mind waiting in line as long as I am dealing with a nice person who knows what he's talking about and I'm certain the job will be flawless. This is what I felt when I talked to Mark, owner of Autophilia. He gave me a play by play on what needs to be done to the car, and told me right off the bat that they do not rush their projects. THAT was music to my ears. So Ace is finally in.

A month went by and I started to see red...❤️

Autophilia has a decent enclosed paint room. So I didn't worry about dust getting on the wet paint.

The job took over two months. Some would react violently to that but with Mark giving me regular updates (with photos) of whats being done, I didn't mind at all. And more than anything, you can't rush car paint dry. I guarantee you, it will be worth the wait...


Mother freaking AFTER.
I ugly cried for a good 10 minutes after seeing it.

Ass shot. I had it "de-badged" for a cleaner look. Decided to keep the though. (Avert your eyes, Honda haters. 😛)

The hood - the gloss is exactly what I dreamed it would be! 😍

No pin holes. No swirlies. 

Autophilia's re-painting includes the engine bay which is awesome. Some shops charge extra. 

Makes you think of getting a brand new engine to go with the paint. If only. 

I used to still have the sad old insulation attached. I don't miss it a single bit. To the tune of opening the hood and waiting for it to cool down after every long trip though. lol. I'm sure the paint can take the heat but it's just for my peace of mind. 😆

I don't know why but I love looking at the interior parts they painted. This is what makes it feel like a brand new car. 
Every nook and cranny is clean and painted. 

And guess what.. aside from the free interior detailing they threw in, they polished my headlights (and tail lights) which, I kid you not.. made my brand new headlights look even brand new-er.

Post paint job - Although I expected the paint job to be perfect, I was open-minded enough not to expect the same perfection when it comes to assembling the car. Any car taken apart like that will surely end up with a few lost screws, broken clips, new creeks and squeeks. I was prepared to deal with it. But guess what, I didn't have to. They did such an amazing job putting it back together that I didn't have to buy a single screw. In fact, they even threw in new ones! This put the cherry on top of my sweet experience with Autophilia. 

Ace is scheduled for a last session of wet sanding and 3-step detailing in a couple of months. This process needs to be done when the paint has cured 200%. Hence the 2-month wait. Mark said that after the last session, the paint will even be more shiny than it already is. How is that even possible!

This was "reveal day" at Autophilia.

So my humble beat-up daily car has been reborn. I can't say that it feels like having a new car because it doesn't. It's better. The satisfaction is tenfold when you fix something from scratch.

So to the people who said I should just sell Ace for parts... thank you for the motivation. 💋

THANK YOU AUTOPHILIA DETAILING AND PAINTWORKS for making a car girl's dream a reality.

Contact AUTOPHILIA here! Look for Mark!

Address: Autophilia Detailing and Paintworks
#80 7th Avenue 

Cubao, Quezon City

Follow Autophilia on Instagram - @autophilia    




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    1. Hi Timmy! Prices will vary depending on the work that needs to be done to the car. Yung akin kasi, change color and also repairs. Message Mark of Autophilia and he can give you a quote immediately. Just send him a picture of your car. :)

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