Wednesday, March 8, 2017

SUPER AUTOBACS: Car Parts Galore!

Okay, this happened two years ago and I cannot believe I'm only writing about this now. Because going to Japan is on any car enthusiast's bucket list, and I am extremely lucky to scratch it off mine!

My most important mission was to immerse myself in whatever car culture I can get my hands into. Staying in Tokyo, and with little to no time to plan, I Googled, "car culture in Tokyo" and bam! "Super Autobacs" popped up - a superstore for car parts! And come on, with that alone, any car buff would be sold. 

Just a taxi ride away from our hotel in Shiodome, is Shinonome where Tokyo Bay Super Autobacs is. I can still remember vividly how much I shrieked in the cab as we were nearing that huge sign. My poor family. Ha ha! I love them so much for coming with me. Welcome to Super Autobacs!

Out front was a car show, car meet, or car bazaar of some sort happening. I had no idea what it was but who cares. Nobody could resist looking at these stunning ladies.

So.. let us enter the Super Autobacs - the candy store for car crazies..

 I didn't know where to start! Parts galore! But this isle of aftermarket shocks and springs seemed like a good start.

I feel so silly going crazy over this rack of filters. They look so pretty. 

Who cares which cars these Greddy and HKS mufflers go to. The shiny metal is mesmerizing. 

Those turbos out front were magnets that dragged me to this side of the store...

Look at these Recaro beauties. I could not choose which one I wanted. I think I sat on each one of the displays. LOL. 

 The disk brakes were endless.. pun intended. 

No car parts store is complete without having a rack filled with knick knacks. This rack was actually really long but being a bit of a Honda girl, I sniffed around on this part. These little things are gold. 

And of course... drum roll please. My trip to Super Autobacs would not have been complete if I didn't see this beautiful sight. A huge section filled with rims that will render you speechless! Quite expensive though, but rightfully so. I bet you didn't even notice me in the picture.  

After a good two hours of running around the store, I finally decided on what super cool and expensive car parts I will buy for my baby Honda at home. And when I say car parts, I mean Mugen stickers, Greddy ballers, keychains and microfiber rags. LOL.

Refusing to leave Super Autobacs so soon, I decided to walk around outside a little more. I discovered beside the store is actually an auto-shop. They have their own talyer which was pretty cool. 

A Skyline in an auto-shop is surely a common sight in Japan. But not in Manila, right? So seeing one? In an auto-shop? In Japan? Fuggedaboutit. I'm taking a picture. LOL. 

Being a shameless tourist that I was, I asked these mechanics to take a picture with me. Ha ha! Clearly baffled why I wanted to take a picture with them, these nice guys just laughed along and kindly agreed. I picked them because they were the ones working on the Skyline. Ha ha! Arigatou gozaimasu!

Right beside the auto-shop they had a small building as a used car store. Inside they had this gorgeous black Mazda RX7 for sale, but taking a picture was not allowed. I wish I could show it to you but sadly I will have to disappoint you with this picture instead. 

So... that wraps up my trip to Tokyo Bay Super Autobacs! I would definitely recommend any car enthusiast to drop by and check out all the goodies inside. The trip will be worth it!

GIVE AWAY!!! Win one of these cool Greddy ballers I got from Super Autobacs! 
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