Wednesday, March 8, 2017

SUPER AUTOBACS: Car Parts Galore!

Okay, this happened two years ago and I cannot believe I'm only writing about this now. Because going to Japan is on any car enthusiast's bucket list, and I am extremely lucky to scratch it off mine!

My most important mission was to immerse myself in whatever car culture I can get my hands into. Staying in Tokyo, and with little to no time to plan, I Googled, "car culture in Tokyo" and bam! "Super Autobacs" popped up - a superstore for car parts! And come on, with that alone, any car buff would be sold. 

Just a taxi ride away from our hotel in Shiodome, is Shinonome where Tokyo Bay Super Autobacs is. I can still remember vividly how much I shrieked in the cab as we were nearing that huge sign. My poor family. Ha ha! I love them so much for coming with me. Welcome to Super Autobacs!

Out front was a car show, car meet, or car bazaar of some sort happening. I had no idea what it was but who cares. Nobody could resist looking at these stunning ladies.

So.. let us enter the Super Autobacs - the candy store for car crazies..