Wednesday, March 8, 2017

SUPER AUTOBACS: Car Parts Galore!

Okay, this happened two years ago and I cannot believe I'm only writing about this now. Because going to Japan is on any car enthusiast's bucket list, and I am extremely lucky to scratch it off mine!

My most important mission was to immerse myself in whatever car culture I can get my hands into. Staying in Tokyo, and with little to no time to plan, I Googled, "car culture in Tokyo" and bam! "Super Autobacs" popped up - a superstore for car parts! And come on, with that alone, any car buff would be sold. 

Just a taxi ride away from our hotel in Shiodome, is Shinonome where Tokyo Bay Super Autobacs is. I can still remember vividly how much I shrieked in the cab as we were nearing that huge sign. My poor family. Ha ha! I love them so much for coming with me. Welcome to Super Autobacs!

Out front was a car show, car meet, or car bazaar of some sort happening. I had no idea what it was but who cares. Nobody could resist looking at these stunning ladies.

So.. let us enter the Super Autobacs - the candy store for car crazies..

Thursday, February 23, 2017

PRESTONE Turns 90!

For any new car owner, lesson number one in car maintenance is making sure your automotive fluids are fresh and intact. And for me, one of the first brands I learned about as a budding car enthusiast, was Prestone. That yellow bottle of coolant is a staple in my little car pantry. So it was such an honor to have been invited to attend Prestone's 90's anniversary last February 21, in SM Mall of Asia Music Hall.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

AUTO-GARD: The "Original" Tire Black

When I was just starting to fall in love with cars, everytime I asked what a good tire black is, the answer was always Auto-Gard. Very rarely do I encounter a car guy who would say otherwise. Its almost like a reflex answer - it has become as default as "Colgate" is to toothpaste and "Xerox" is to photocopy. When someone says "Auto-Gard", it means tire black. It is everyone's first option in making those tires look fresh.

And if you're like me, I do NOT leave the car wash until I see that bottle of Auto-Gard Tire Black (TB8) on kuya's hand. A car wash is never complete without that last touch of natural-looking shine on my tires.

There are three easy steps in using Auto-Gard Tire Black