Saturday, July 30, 2016

DIY: Hose Leak Quick Fix

A couple of weeks after I got my car back from overhaul, I noticed that the water in the reservoir seems to go empty after about 4 to 5 hours drive. My heart sunk fearing that something might've gone wrong during the overhauling process. But after a few days of observation, I've never been more happy to see a leak in the upper radiator hose. Just a leak. Whew.

That arrow is where the leak source was. 
I came across this quick fix online and with a blessing from my mechanic, I decided to try it myself and see if it would work. And also, because it was embarrassingly easy to do.

Things you'll need:
  • Hose cutter
  • Screwdriver
  • Coolant (for topping up)  
Here are the few steps to a leak-free hose...

Step 1. Make sure the engine is completely cool. The coolant WILL spill and you don't wanna scald yourself. Lay a rag or plastic underneath for protection, there might be sensors you don't wanna get wet. Remove the hose clamp using your trusty screwdriver.

2. With a hose cutter, trim the end of the hose. In my case I removed about half an inch. Just enough that the beat up edge is cleaned out but the length is still enough to reach the engine head.

3. When you're confident with your trim, go ahead and insert the hose back in and install that clamp nice and tight.

4. With the engine still off, open the radiator and top up on coolant until full. (At this point you might be able to see if the leak is still there.) Start the engine and check the leak. Let the coolant flow. Keep topping up until the level of coolant in the radiator stays full and bubbles disappear. Bleed the air out of the engine.

5. No leak? Coolant level stable? Your mission is accomplished!

I hope this would work for you as it did with my Ace. I was already contemplating on buying a new hose or sealing that leak shut with some high grade sealant. But I'm so glad this solution worked. It saved me money and it was like a DIY bonus stage! ;)


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