Thursday, March 10, 2016

New Scooter Oils from Shell!

With the crazy Metro Manila traffic brewing everyday, I am not surprised to learn that the sales of scooters went up almost 8% in the last year. Having a scooter is rapidly becoming a necessity for every household. From running errands to being the main mode of transportation, the convenience is undeniable. That's why I've been asking my Fairy-godmother for one, but she keeps seen zoning me. 

But for those who have Scooters, rejoice as Shell brings you a new line of engine oils specifically engineered for your baby! 

Shell proudly introduces: Shell Advance Ultra Scooter, Shell Advance AX7 Scooter, Shell Advance AX5 Scooter and Shell Advance Scooter Gear Oil. Each one formulated to clean and protect engines of automatic transmission scooters. 

Shell Advance Ultra Scooter is 100 percent synthetic oil with a viscosity grade of 5W-40. It is for all modern scooters. (Available in 1 liter container)

Shell Advance AX7 Scooter is synthetic based with a viscosity grade of 10W-40. It is for use in modern 4-stroke scooters fitted with a dry type clutch system. (Available in 0.8 liter container)

Shell Advance AX5 Scooter is premium mineral with viscosity grade of 15W-40. It is for modern 4-stroke scooters. (Available in 0.8 liter container)

The Shell Advance Scooter Gear Oil with viscosity grade of 10W-40 is suitable for all gearbox of major scooter makes and models. It is best used with Advance lubricants. (Available in 0.12 liter container) 

All are available in Shell retail stations and your suking motorcycle parts and supply stores nationwide. 

My favorite part about the new line of Shell Advance scooter oils, is that it is also made through Shell's PurePlus Technology and Active Cleansing Technology. I had the honor of attending the launch of Shell Advance and my mind was blown learning about this revolutionary breakthrough.

Shell PurePlus Technology is the process of converting natural gas into clear base oil. The enhanced oil viscosity makes the engine maintain its optimum performance in high or low temperatures, The smooth and rapid flow of the oil makes for an easy engine start-up/warm up, and lessens the friction for better fuel economy. And to top all that, this is green technology.

The Active Cleansing Technology creates a fully synthetic lubricant that cleans the engine therefore protecting it from sludge build up and corrosion. The two usual root causes of engine death. And thanks to Shell's low volatility, you'll do less top-ups. Now that's major savings right there. 

Officials of Shell Advance do the thumbs sign during the launching of its new line of engine oils for scooters. They are (from left: Serge Bernal, Lubricants Marketing Manager for Thailand and the Philippines;Recca Menchavez, Shell Advance Brand Manager; Vivek Pareek, Global Advance Brand Manager; Dennis Javier, Shell Lubricants Business Manager for Thailand and the Philippines; and Karlo Tugaff, Global Associate Brand Manager

I can already feel my scooter-loving friends psyching out over this new line of Shell Advance Scooter oils. When you're a gear-head, nothing beats knowing that what you're putting in your motor is specifically engineered for it. So to all you scooter riders out there... head down to Shell ASAP. 

Head on down to Shell's website for more info!     


  1. Very nice post. Thank you, Ms. Chai, I learned a lot today!

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