Thursday, March 10, 2016

New Scooter Oils from Shell!

With the crazy Metro Manila traffic brewing everyday, I am not surprised to learn that the sales of scooters went up almost 8% in the last year. Having a scooter is rapidly becoming a necessity for every household. From running errands to being the main mode of transportation, the convenience is undeniable. That's why I've been asking my Fairy-godmother for one, but she keeps seen zoning me. 

But for those who have Scooters, rejoice as Shell brings you a new line of engine oils specifically engineered for your baby! 

Shell proudly introduces: Shell Advance Ultra Scooter, Shell Advance AX7 Scooter, Shell Advance AX5 Scooter and Shell Advance Scooter Gear Oil. Each one formulated to clean and protect engines of automatic transmission scooters.