Thursday, December 3, 2015

Dating A Car Guy: My Top WTF Moments

Being a car enthusiast myself, I am naturally attracted to men who share the same passion as I do. But even though I essentially understand the reason behind their douchey car-related decisions, any woman, car girl or not, would want to smack the heck out of these car guys.

Here are a few of my real-life dating experiences when I wished aliens would just take all car guys away from this planet...

1. "I can't treat you to dinner. 'Cause I have to buy a radiator cap." The cap was surplus, and it was P150.00. 

2. I didn't really date this guy but I knew him for literally 10 minutes, and he insisted we go to Tagaytay right there and then (in his Honda S2000) and stay there overnight. Uhm.. no thank you, creepy stranger. 

3. I found out after an ex and I broke up, that he has been telling everyone he owned MY car. Pathetic much? 

4. There was this one guy who bought me Mother's California Gold Clay Bar as a birthday gift! I was ecstatic! But he "borrowed" it and took it home the same day. Never saw that thing again.

5. Cancels our date because he says he's broke. Buys new head unit the next day.

6. Canceled date night because one of his car's fender liner fell off. ONE OF his cars. 

7. This didn't actually happen to me, but its definitely worth a spot -- My BFF used to let his boyfriend borrow her car since the guy did not have one. We found out later on, that he used the car to take his side chick out on dates. I was this close to hiring a hitman. 

8. "Wag na tayo lumabas. Nataihan ng ibon yung auto ko." 
("Let's not go out anymore. A bird pooped on my car.")

9. Because this guy owned a car upholstery shop, after he broke up with me, he offered to re-upholster my car seats as "consolation". Jerk. But looking back now, I should have taken that deal and said adios!

And of course, the classic...

10. "Reschedule na lang date night kasi umaambon. Mababasa oto ko eh." 
("Let's reschedule date night. It's drizzling outside, my car is gonna get wet.")


  1. wow, i remember this
    -Sweetheart are you mad?
    -No(taking the knife)
    haha, after these things i stopped dating this is my article about it!enjoy

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