Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Bumper to Bumper XI: Car Gallery

Bumper to Bumper is one of the most sought after car shows in the country. Gathering the creme de la creme of car entries, this is why it is one of the few ones that I wait for every year. Happened on December 5-6, 2015 at the SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds, now on its 11th year,  B2B11 did NOT disappoint.

The entries were delicious. I felt so full I think I burped. And as expected, I came out of the show with my passion refreshed and replenished.

A mixture of old school Japs, American classics, tuner cars, drift cars, 4x4s and even an 8-wheeler truck! I did five rounds, looking at all the entries. Two hours of non-stop walking and I still didn't want to leave. But for those who didn't get to go, allow me to show you what you missed. Oh, and boo you. You missed a lot. :)

Ladder Events Production's Jonathan Chio with the Certified B2B Babes!
There were less old school cars this year but this stunning classic 1968 Corvette in the Total tent makes up for it.

This Mitsubishi Evolution VII is all stock and it should be. Nothing done to it, and it is still one of my favorites (as always).

Hello again, dear Altis. I have been crushing on this since I saw it last year. Simple, clean and bagged!

So psyched to see CRVs at the show. I have always loved how a CRV's body can be dropped like crazy and it would still look like you can bring it off road. Case in point, these three beauties...

I never knew an Innova could look this fly. And yes, she's bagged.

There are no words for this R34. I was happy just staring at it. 

It was so awesome to see a lot of drift cars this year. But this S15 takes the cake. Its just legit.

The bagged entries are growing and growing each year and I thank God for that. I spent a good 30 minutes just gawking at these gorgeous ladies at the deeper booth.. I couldn't pick which one was my favorite...

If you have P90-200,000.00 to spare, you can get one of these bad boys. You will never need "more low".

I had the pleasure of test driving a Chevrolet Captiva a few months back and I loved it. So seeing one all dolled up is a thrill. Not all cars can pull of the neon look, but the Captiva is definitely one of them. #ChevyStrong

Yes, I am biased and I don't care. Ha ha! But you can't deny that this Accord is hot.

There were a lot of "Kei car" entries too. And this Suzuki Alto was very nicely done. I didn't think an eco-car could look so sporty.

                                                 For the sound junkies... ICE, ICE baby. 

Literally, one sub is about 3-4 times the size of my head.

Thank you sir, for playing Britney Spears videos.

I know you haven't had enough. So here's more of the goodies...

Told you there was a truck. :)
There's something satisfying about a pick up truck that's slammed.

Yes, you are looking at a Tamaraw FX.

Although I love the practicality of it, I am not a big fan of the look of a foiled car. But this one is so wrong, its so right! Loved the metallic green on bronze rims.

My dream garage would have one of these monsters.

The new horses.
B2B's official muse, "Geni" undergoes a transformation care of an artist.

As if the car show wasn't enough, Bumper to Bumper XI hosted an autograph signing with the beautiful Ms. Kim Domingo, this month's FHM cover girl.
Awful picture, I know. But you have to understand, I was up against a sea of men for a good shot.

This was about 1/4 of the line for her autograph session.

And for the sneaker heads, there were booths of for sale kicks!

 I had such a blast at Bumper to Bumper XI! I already cannot wait for the next one!

                                       Click HERE to get updates on their next hot event!!!


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