Monday, November 23, 2015

JDM Tires and Magwheels: Revive Your Rims!

As any car enthusiast would know, all it takes to make any stock car look a bit more sexy is a nice set of rims. I have always looked at rims as a car's "crowning glory", the cherry on top, the sweet kiss that seals a car's look all together. So when it was time to get my car's first set of aftermarket shoes, like any life-altering decision, it took me eons to finally decide on getting an 18-inch VS-SD by Work...(dramatic pause)... It was like getting a diamond ring.

I got the rims used. So needless to say, it was definitely not in mint condition when I bought it three years ago. It had scratches, chips, gutter marks, bent lips and chipped paint. It had it all. So for the longest time I have been itching to have it refurbished. But I was just too picky in choosing a shop to hand my "diamond ring" to.

Enter JDM Tires and Magwheels... One week with them and my rims looked brand spanking new! You can remove the rivets on there and see each and every one perfectly shiny. Flawless paint. Every nook and cranny squeaky clean, it really left me in awe. I shrieked like a girl when I got them back. I fell in love all freakin' over again!

Here's another one of their works of art-- 17-inch Sebring rims. Originally silver mesh turned to stunning gold. Look at how that lip was polished too. Oh mama!

*For rates, scroll down to the end. :)

I have been hearing about "JDM Wheels" for the longest time. They have been known to be the go-to shop for used Japanese rims for many car enthusiasts. But it was only this year that I found out that selling has become a secondary service for them. Their main focus now is refurbishing. I have been to their shop twice way back, and I remember vividly how gorgeous their selection was. So based on that happy memory, I decided to hand them my rims. And it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.

Their humble facade will fool you into thinking it is a typical wheel shop. Little did I know that behind it is a little slice of rim-heaven.

Welcome to the JDM Tires and Magwheels' workshop-- where magic happens.

I felt like a kid in a candy factory as I watch these noble men do their work. Staring at them in awe.

A craftsman at work.

There were painting, baking, sanding, polishing, etc. It is a tedious process. I wanted so much to interview them one by one, but I didn't wanna be breathing down their neck while they work. They were kind enough to smile for the camera though. Thank you, kind sirs for making numerous car guys happy.

A few steps away is a plethora of rims either for sale, or on its way back to Japan. According to the owner, Mr. Sam Cuyson, most of their clients are from Japan. They send in rims for refurbishing, and once done, JDM Wheels ships it back to Japan. That fact alone is testament to the quality of their work.

Final stages of cleaning before wrapping them up and shipping back to Japan.
The note reads, "MAY NATAPOS NA TAYO MGA POGI SA WAKAS!" Ha ha! Good job guys. :)
Forms taped to the rims containing all the rim specifications. These forms are in Japanese which makes it so much cooler! These rims are off to Japan!

These pictures don't do it justice. There were rows after rows after rows of rims all lined up. It literally took my breath away. You walk into a showroom, of course its impressive. But walking into JDM Wheels is a whole different experience. Just knowing that you're in a place where these beautiful pieces of art are being reborn, is what makes it an adrenaline-pumping experience.

The refurbishing rates would depend of the condition of your rims. In my case, since it was in pretty bad shape it was Php 6,000.00 (with a little discount). But for the Sebring rims, which was just face repainting and polishing of the lip was just Php 4,200.00. Both fairly priced for such high quality of work. 

I heart you, JDM Tires and Magwheels!



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