Saturday, October 3, 2015

HCP's Park and Sell: Who says a girl can't shop at a car meet?

I have never attended a car club swap meet before so I was pretty excited to go to Honda Club of the Philippine's "Park and Sell". Park anywhere and sell anything that could fit inside your trunk. I scurried on to find anything I could sell when I saw the invite, but unless I wanted to sell one piece of an Accord headlamp in my trunk, I had nothing. So I went as an eager beaver shopper! It's more fun that way anyway. :)

This is what I look forward to in attending car meets, aside from bonding with my fellow car peeps, it's always a free car show. The Metrowalk parking lot was filled with stunning Hondas. From EGs to Accords, the Honda line-up was complete. 

I was particularly crushing on this black bagged (I'm assuming) Civic from Team FD. Very sexy.
After I did my rounds, gawking at the cars, it was time to go shopping! There were less sellers than I expected but I blame it on the girl in me who assumed it would look like a Tiangge scene. But even so, there were lots of stuff to buy and I felt like a kid in a candy store..

 Surplus alternators, starters, aftermarket radiators, hoses and coilover sleeves. Oohh la la. 

Suplus parts, anyone?
The car parts were awesome and all, but it was all too 'serious' for my mood that day. I was looking for the little trinkets and accessories that would make my car a little more bad ass and cuter too (wink).

So I was so excited when I saw this van filled with these small aftermarket goodies. This stuff is what I was hoping I would find coming to this meet. Bride bags, Greddy wallets, Nos pillows, bumper fasteners and even Rays tire valves. All original, of course and at a reasonable price. They also had original Honda and Mugen emblems. 

They also had these super cool car part key-chains that are such a hoot to play with! The turbines actually spin in those little turbos. I have a turbo key-chain too but it only spins when you blow on it. How sad. Ha ha!

As for me, after about an hour of deliberation, I got me a bad ass Mugen oil cap and a dashing Cusco battery tie down.  In my head, they would add about .5 horsepower to my Accord so humor me please. :) 

I got to meet the seller, his name is Bunty, very cool guy, and he sells exclusively online. So if you want to get your hands on some of these yummy goodies, hit him up on the number below!

I had a blast at the HCP Park and Sell! Good cars, good people, and of course, good food. I ended the night chilling with my Accord Tuner bros. 'Till next time, HCP! 

For your car accessory needs!
Mr. Bunty Chandiramani: 0906-2371867


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