Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Car Show Politics

I remember eons ago when I was just starting to get into cars, how car shows were such a big deal to me. There wasn't a show too small or too big. Any car show would give me the same thrill, just being able to go. This was the time when I was still learning, and I didn't know squat about the who's who of the car scene. Decades later, I realize how I miss those times. 

Sadly I have to admit that my love for car shows is hanging by a thread. The excitement wearing off very slowly but I can definitely feel it. 

Source: SuperflyAutos

 Screw the day I found out that car show politics exist. The same organizers, the same entries, the same winners. That's the vicious cycle. My heart breaks for every car owner who exerted their effort, money and time to join a show and basically be ignored. Because apparently you have to be buddies with an organizer or a judge to get noticed. Nowadays, a car owner's connections is a huge factor in how many trophies he or she will be awarded. And what's worse, this would be a non-issue if the winners actually deserved to win. But even a not-so-expert car person like me could tell it was fixed.

Every time I hear about incidents like this transpiring at car shows, I remember the good old days when I didn't know there was such a thing as car show politics. When I thought entries won because of their perfection, not their connection. Car shows now are becoming more and more of a deja vu experience. 

Disclaimer... NOT all car shows are infected with filthy politics. But the ones that are have been sucked dry of prestige, passion and life. Car gods, please hear my plea... make them realize what they're doing.

But the most depressing part is, I don't think they ever will.


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