Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Pacific Drift Championship: A new reason to crave burnt rubber

So I was just sitting around the house last Saturday, planning to have a very busy do-nothing-day when a quick scan on social media led me to a startling discovery. There was a new drift competition in town and it was happening as I was stewing in boredom at home! Being a drift nut that I am, I refused to miss it. So from laying on the couch listening to birds, I was in the car driving to CCP in a span of about seven minutes.

   So far, you can count with one hand how many drifting competitions there are in the country. So this is an extremely exciting news for all drifting enthusiasts like myself. So thank you to Extreme Concepts PH and Ladder Events Productions, we have...(drum roll please) the Pacific Drift Championship!

 Aside from the drifting competition itself, they included two additional back to back events to go with it; the Form and Function Car Show and a red carpet movie night of the Fast and Furious 7 premier! Three awesome events mashed into one!

As soon as I got out of the car and smelled the burnt rubber in the air, my adrenaline started pumping. Followed by the music of high revving engines and screeching tires, aahh.. heaven. I knew the competition was already in full swing so I literally jogged to the entrance, and immediately secured a spot with a good view of the track. If you go home with powdered rubber all over you, you definitely got a good spot.

I'm sure all car enthusiasts like me will agree when I say that being in a scene like this is one of my most favorite things in life. Usually at drift competitions, the pit crew area is barricaded to prevent spectators from getting in. I'm sure it's for safety reasons but here, I loved how it was accessible to everyone and ten feet away from me. So watching each team's pit crew work on the cars, smelling the high octane fuel, and feeling the heat coming from all those huge engines, was such a party for the senses. There was a car show going on a few feet away too but the pit crew area was already a car show all on it's own!

Second from left is EJ Malibiran. One of Drift Mob's top drivers.

And the pit crew area was where I found these crazy dudes. I got to hang out with my buddies from team Drift Mob, the coolest guys you will ever meet. And just between you and me, this is the team I root for in each and every drifting competition. I'm team Drift Mob all the way, baby.


Okay, okay. I know you're getting antsy. So buckle up and get comfortable as we watch the dance of the monster cars...


Source: Pacific Drift Championship Facebook Page
Meet the two people who basically had the toughest job in the drifting competition. Pacific Drift's international judges- Loyai Hanizam (Formula Asia Drift driver, Malaysia Drift Judge, Indonesia Drift Judge) and Terrence Lim (FX Open Drift Judge, DRIFT.COM.MY Judge, Thailand M-Storm Drift Judge, Tawau Drift Judge, Proton Street Shoot Out Drift Judge). Talk about qualified judges. Sheesh.


From left to right: John Boban (1st runner-up), Jowil Lazaga (Champion), Mark Bernardo (2nd runner-up) 

From left to right: Eric Victoria (1st runner-up), Alex Nuñez (Champion), Max Lopez (2nd runner-up)

Congratulations to these amazing drifters for nabbing your well-deserved win at the Pacific Drift Championship! But to all the drifters who participated, a slow clap and standing ovation for each and every one of you. You are all our idols.

John won! Yahoo! John Boban is the team leader and one of the drivers of Drift Mob, and he got a well-deserved place as the 1st runner-up!

Needless to say, a selfie with him was in order. Way to go, John! I am so not surprised. :)

  This. Out of all my shots from this day, this is the cherry on top. John Boban's Toyota Soarer proudly showing off her trophy.

  But of course, I wasn't leaving without getting a shot of the car that went home a champion. This is Jowil Lazaga's Nissan 240SX. Ain't she a beauty?

This was only Round 1 and I already had so much fun. As I was leaving the tracks covered in pulverized rubber and smelling like exhaust, all I could think about was how badly I needed a shower and how much I was already looking forward to Round 2. So count me in next time, Pacific Drift Championship. See you again soon!

Track art left by the drift cars. That black areas you see are actually pulverized rubber from all the tires. I think if I collected all of it, I could probably form one whole tire. 

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