Monday, March 23, 2015

Ocean's Harvest Buffet: A new seafood buffet experience

Marriott Cafe brings you, their delicious, scrumptious, I'm-so-full-I-want-to-go-to-bed-now, Ocean's Harvest Buffet. I bet you have never experienced any sea food buffet like this before.

When my brother, The Pickiest Eater in the World, told me we were going to a seafood buffet, I thought, sweet! I automatically imagined myself in line at the buffet table filling my trusty plate with steamed shrimps, baked mussels, grilled fish... oh and I hope there's tempura! I would have been satisfied if I got what I had imagined, but once I entered the Marriott Cafe, I knew I was going to get so much more.

Marriott Cafe's Ocean's Harvest Buffet is not your run-of-the-mill seafood buffet. If you're expecting a typical buffet, that is not what you're going to get.

Aside from the glorious cooked dishes on the buffet table, what makes it so special is that Ocean's Harvest Buffet gives you the "fresh catch of the day" bar. A whole ice bar filled with stunning fresh seafood awaits you. Among the stars are the Dusty Jack (Talakitok), Parrot Fish (Samaral), fresh local grouper (Lapu-Lapu) and local Seabass (Apahap).

Help yourself to the fresh catch of the day and listen to your tummy. How do you want them cooked? Grilled? Steamed? Fried? Let your appetite go wild because you won't see a list to choose from. Just tell the chefs how you want it, and they'll cook it for you. Sky is the limit for there exceptional Marriott Cafe chefs. And if you're happily overwhelmed like I was, ask the chefs and I guarantee they will make your mouth water with suggestions.   

But that's not enough. The Ocean's Harvest Buffet provides you with different stations. At first I thought, why are there only ingredients on the table? Then I felt sheepish when I noticed the signs. You get to create your dishes. Your wish, is once again, the chef's command.



 Okay, so down to serious business. THE FOOD. Allow me to make you salivate with these images...

Steamed Lapu-Lapu in light soy sauce.. one of my faves!

Sweet and Sour Singaporean Sea Bass

You can also order this gorgeous Grilled Tuna Steak (P1,100)

I ordered these oh so yummy Garlic and Butter Shrimps
Their Seafood Sinigang was to die for! One sip of that soup and you're in heaven.

Tuna Tartar (P560)

Rockafeller Oysters... my sister's fave!

Steamed Curacha

Mexican Marinated Shrimp

And of course, the staple clams and mussels!

Slipper Lobsters
Ocean Mix Cocktails goes perfectly well with all the glorious seafood (P370 a glass)
And of course, there's a sushi bar. I stocked up on the salmon sashimi!
Oh desserts...

If only I could fit everything in one plate. You see the one with the strawberry on top? That's my favorite.

With all the great food, comes the very nice ambiance. It is perfect for either a date night with your sweetie or a quiet weekend dinner with your family. The one thing that I don't care for at a typical buffet is the noise and the crowd. That chaos ruins my intense eating concentration. Right off the bat, I knew I won't get any of that at the Marriott Cafe.
Marriott Cafe
When you go to a buffet, of course you go for the food. But what I like most about the Ocean's Harvest Buffet is that you will not only go for the good food, but you will look forward to the whole culinary experience. Marriott Cafe's Ocean's Harvest Buffet is playing in a whole new level and I cannot wait to go back. 

Marriott Cafe's Ocean's Harvest Buffet started last March 6 and will go on until April 30, 2015. So it's time to block some dates for the Holy Week, yes?

From Monday to Thursday - P1,950/head
Friday and Saturday - P2,400/head (This includes the Oyster Bar and a wider range of seafood awaits!)

Marriott Hotel Manila
No 10 Newport Blvd, Newport City Complex
Pasay City, Manila



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