Monday, March 9, 2015

My Hiromi Kajikuma Minute

I will never forget the first time I watched a drifting car right in front of me. It was during one of those fancy car shows in Manila where in all I expected to see was some bad ass import cars and annoyingly sexy models that keep getting in the way of my shot. Little did I know, it was a trip that would basically change my life.

It was your usual car show. Cars here, models there. I was getting a bit bored when I heard through the loud speakers that there was going to be a demo by a Japanese race car driver named, Hiromi Kajikuma in the back parking lot. I had no idea who that was but the magic words; "Japanese" and "race car" stuck to me so naturally, I went straight to the parking lot and secured the best spot I could, with clueless expectations.

hiromi kajikuma drift queen
Source: Hiromi Kajikuma Facebook Fan Page

The moment I saw the Toyota Trueno idling in what seemed to be the starting point, my adrenaline started pumping, "This can't be a drift demo.." I thought to myself. Then I saw this woman walked to the Trueno, waved at the audience and sat in the driver's seat, "THIS CAN'T BE A DRIFT DEMO!" I'm pretty sure I yelled at this stranger beside me.

hiromi kajikuma drift queen
Source: Hiromi Kajikuma Facebook Fan Page
She started driving around slowly doing a large figure 8. At this point I was already in awe watching a woman drive a monster AE86, so imagine my astonishment when she floored that gas pedal, making the tires screech oh so loudly, sending that Hachiroku ass sliding sideways six feet in front of me with such precision. A million thoughts went through my head. Hiromi was drifting. They called Hiromi the "Drift Queen" And I was hooked.

Hiromi sporting her cute logo on one of her drift cars.
Source: Hiromi Kajikuma Facebook Fan Page
During that time, I never knew lady drifters even existed. Even in Initial D (or at least the episodes I got to watch) not one was a female driver... and that was a freakin' cartoon. So watching Hiromi was like seeing a mythical creature.

hiromi kajikuma drift queen
Source: Hiromi Kajikuma Facebook Fan Page
Ever since that day, every drift video I watch, every tutorial by Keiichi Tsuchiya I drill my brain with brought a whole new meaning. It kills me to say this, but I have always thought drifting was a man's sport. So even though I fantasized about drifting a Nissan Silvia myself, I never went as far as wishing it would come true. Miss Hiromi Kajikuma changed all that for me. Watching her drift was intensely empowering and hugely inspiring for a female drift enthusiast like myself. It was like a huge pink sparkly flag waving, giving me the go signal. In all those times that I fantasized about drifting, this was the first time I actually thought to myself, "I can actually do this."

A couple of months later, I took my very first drift class. :)

cefiro drift car car porn
All covered in burnt rubber and loving it.

 So I wrote this just to thank you, Drift Queen. Thank you for being an inspiration to me and a million more female drift enthusiasts all over the world. Arigatou gozaimasu, Hiromi san!  

hiromi kajikuma drift queen

                                          Visit Hiromi Kajikuma's Facebook page HERE!!!

Source: Hiromi Kajikuma Facebook Fan Page


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