Monday, March 30, 2015

DIY: Trying out the ELEVO Headlamp Polisher

When I got my car Ace, his left headlamp was so blurred, he kind of looked like he had a black eye. I inspected it for leaks but didn't find any. So I guess it was due to the lamp's old age. Headlamps are exposed to heat and cold and dry and wet all year round so it's almost inevitable that the plastic turns into this blurry, yellow-y thing that just drives me nuts. Especially when it's paired with a crystal clear one right? All cars should have sparkly eyes. :)

I tried a couple of things to restore my headlamp back to it's original glory. I tried cleaning the heck out of it with different soaps and detergents, but it didn't work. I tried the popular myth of brushing it with toothpaste, and that also didn't work. I still haven't gotten over wasting that whole bottle of Colgate.

So after a while, I got impatient and decided to replace that black eyed headlamp with a new one. But I just could not give up on it because there are numerous headlamp cleaning products out there that I can't wait to try out. Just like this ELEVO 2 STEP HEADLAMP POLISHER. Let me read to you what it says on the box...
"ELEVO 2 step Headlamp Polisher is a revolutionary product that specifically cleans and polished headlamps for a clearer vision. It cleans dirt and stubborn yellowish stains effectively and protects headlamps against harmful UV rays. It is suitable for all plastic glass and glass head lights."
One box costs P279.75 and I bought mine from Ace Hardware. It comes with a headlamp polisher soft cloth (orange cloth) and a headlamp protector sponge (yellow square sponges)

I love how it doesn't just clean the headlamps (step 1), but it protects it too (step 2). Hence, 2-step! Sounds promising right? So let's try this one, shall we? D.I.Y. time!

Step 1. The headlamp must be clean. So I wiped mine with a clean, dry cloth removing all dirt and dust.

Step 2. Apply Headlamp Polisher onto the surface. This is the bottle labeled, Step 1. Don't forget to shake the bottle first. I decided to draw a square, but feel free to draw a heart or a star for a happier look.

Step 3.This part I did differently than what is instructed on the box. On the box it says to apply the polisher using the orange polisher soft cloth. But one of my best buds who is a car wash owner and detailer extraordinaire tipped me to forget the cloth and rub it aggressively on the surface using my hands. All the stubborn stain on the plastic/glass would come off easier. Makes sense right? So I took his professional advice and used a little muscle...  

Step 4. Another advice from my car detailing guru: Leave the polisher on the surface for at least 10 minutes. Let it soak. Let it sing and dance with the plastic and do it's job.

Step 5. Wipe off the polisher using the polisher cloth. Don't be shy, apply pressure to get it all out.

Hello, dirt.


Step 7. When the headlamp is all clean and residue-free, evenly apply the Headlamp Protector onto the surface using the sponge. Don't forget to shake the bottle first.

Step 8. You're done! So here's the before and after shot...

I think the ELEVO 2 Step Headlamp Polisher did an okay job. It didn't bring my headlamp back to it's original clarity and luster but it cleaned it for sure. The surface is shinier, smoother and just a little clearer as you can see on the picture. But if you're expecting your headlamp to look brand new again, in my experience, that is not what you're going to get.

On the other hand, what I like about this product is that it's very easy to use and fairly cheap compared to others. Most of all, I love that it comes with a protectant. If it works, I'm not sure. But we shall see in a few months. :)


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