Tuesday, March 24, 2015

AUTO CON: A much needed car fix satisfied

I haven't gone to a car show for quite some time now. Mostly because I can't get my lazy butt out of the house and endure the horrible traffic. But when a friend of mine told me about a car show that was going to be held 30 minutes away from my home, I was in. So last March 21, 2015, I was off to Circulo Verde to get my much needed car show fix.

Drum roll please. An event brought to you by LowNSlow, D2 Racing Pilipinas, Magic Bullet, Resurs, Sportline and Total... Welcome to AUTO CON

I think there were at least a hundred bewitching entries but here are the cars that made me stop and gawk. Let's begin, shall we?

When I saw this Toyota Altis by Liberty Garage, I was totally floored. This is the first Altis I've seen on air suspensions. But aside from that, the tint-less glass with the stunning purple paint is irreproachable. Combined with those simple but elegant 8-spoke, 18-inch bronze rims, with the hint of blue from the lugnuts is perfection. I am such a sucker for clean set ups, and this Altis is the perfect example.

I mean, come on! How ridiculously beautiful is she?!

My salutatorian is the humble Toyota Hilux. Flawless electric blue paint, hood scoop, rubber chin and not to mention those custom flares.. gorgeous eh? Wait 'till you see this...

Beym! Those rims, those beautifully crafted flares. I honestly don't know where to look. I have always found it a bit comical when I see a pick-up dropped to a low height. But this is the first time I have found an exception. This Hilux made me eat my words.

I'm not a huge fan of bling rims. But look at these handsome bling rims! Watch out, they poke!

As if this Ford Mercury isn't bad ass enough, they painted it flat black.

This red Mustang is the epitome of an American muscle. I don't know what the green was is but it's sexy nonetheless.

This Lancer was my favorite Japanese old school at a different car show before, and it still is my fave at the Auto Con. Paint by DWORKS

THE 90'S
The AE92s. I refuse to call these "old school" like some people do. Because they put brand new cars to shame.

I didn't notice this Toyota Corona at first, but when I passed it again, damn. Look at that perfect body...
                                               ...and it's engine bay is cleaner than my room.
My shot of this Nissan Cefiro doesn't do it justice. I'm used to seeing Cefiros dressed for drifting. So seeing one simply clean is refreshing.

This Corolla "love life" sure is citrus-y. I'm not a big fan of wild colors but for me this one is done right. Crazy, but clean.

The interior is beautifully done.

  I deeply apologize for the shot. I didn't get the face because I couldn't stop staring at this Corolla Sprinter's rims.

    There weren't plenty of tuned cars on the line up but these guys (not surprisingly) were at the top of my list.

Gorgeous Nissan Silvia. I love seeing race cars that can be show cars too. It's like a man who's macho but knows how to clean the house. If you're a man, you won't understand this. But the ladies know what's up.

A Nissan Skyline cannot not be a part of my favorites. This is one of team Drift Mob's monster drift cars. Drift Mob has been one of the front runners in drifting competitions in the country. I'm a huge fan of these guys.

I took this photo while the Skyline was revving it's engine. You see how far my feet are from the Skyline? That's around 3 1/2 feet and I could still feel my feet burning from the exhaust. Monstrous.

It's probably obvious now that I'm a Nissan girl. He he! The youngest of the Skyline family. All stock except for the rims and I thank God for that. I'm happy with a stock Skyline, thank you very much.

Say hi to the autobot-inspired Lightning Lab Mazda pick-up. Cool huh? Wait 'till you see the sound system...

Told 'ya. It was SO loud that my whole body was literally shaking as I took this photo. Count the speakers...

But of course there's more speakers inside. Pristine, white interior. I wonder how they keep it clean.

I don't usually see a Honda Civic hatchback with a sound setup. This Michael Jordan-inspired hatch is wild but extremely cool.

                                             I believe my exact words were, "Holy crap"

Other memorable beauties...
My personal choice for best rims! Rotiform!
Our Shell Tambay representative, in the house!

Yes, and Innova can be this bad ass.

KDM yo.

That's right. There's a Clash of Clans themed car.

I couldn't believe this is actually a Honda Civic FD.

Loving the color theme on this Toyota Vios.
As I wrap up this post, here's something for my male readers. Thank you for reading this blog post from start to finish! You're welcome!


  1. thanks for this blog, I failed to attend bec of TAGCOM.

  2. thanks for this blog, I failed to attend bec of TAGCOM.

    1. And thank you for reading Dennis! How was TAGCOM? :)

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