Friday, February 20, 2015

What type of car guy are you?

 If you enjoy car meets as much as I do, and have attended roughly a hundred of them too, I am pretty sure you are very familiar with these types of car guys you'll encounter at your usual car meet. Enjoy! :)  


Congratulations! You just got your first car! Can't stand staying in the house can you? You call your buddy and invite him to go to an isawan a block away from your house. It doesn't matter that he lives 10 kilometers away from you, because butterflies in your stomach start to flutter when you get to say, "Sunduin kita." Yihee! Don't worry, that's completely normal. 

To spot a newbie during a car night, just follow the million questions. These car guys are eager beavers when it comes to learning about their new ride so they wanna soak it all up like sponges. If you are a veteran car guy, it is your moral responsibility to teach a newbie the correct way of setting up his car. They are the future of the car scene. THEY. ARE. THE FUTURE. So mold their fresh minds with gentle hands. Like a new-born baby. Welcome to the car world, newbie!


 At the venue of your car meet, you're probably sitting on a curb smoking a cigarette, enjoying the relaxing car talk when suddenly, you hear the faint sound of a roaring engine a mile away. You hear it getting closer as it gets louder, and louder, and louder... you hear it engine braking... and finally you see the car pull up slowly to the venue. Just when you thought the show is finished, it revs some more as it backs up into a parking spot. And you go (VROOM!) back to (VROOM!) talking to (VROOM!) your (VROOM!) friends.

Equivalent to someone loving their own voice, bomba boys looove the sound of their engines. And honestly now, what's not to love? It's music!   

3) MR. DJ

 This car guy is essentially the host of the party. With that monstrous sub-woofer in his trunk, he controls the soundtrack of the night. When stories and drinks have run out, and silence starts to sink in, his job is to fill that silence with either the newest Jay-Z track or the most baduy MP3 he downloaded dahil trip lang (daw!) to liven up the crowd. A role with utmost importance. So if ever his car battery runs out, it is everyone's responsibility to push and help him jump start his car. Nobody goes home until Mr. DJ's car starts, ya hear?


Although not a "car guy," this YouTube sensation  fits the essence of arrogance perfectly.
 And I say this in all caps so feel the conviction... walang kasing YABANG. This car guy thinks he knows it all. From what type of motor oil (he thinks) you should use, to what kind of rims (he thinks) is suited to your car. He has endless stories about his alleged wins in street races and how his losses are always due to that other guy cheating or some other dust-in-my-eye kind of lame excuse.

This car guy claims his "tuned" car packs 400hp but when challenged to a race, it's almost his reflex to respond... "Stock lang sir!" and will start the delaying tactics by negotiating how many pluses he wants. Sus. And trust me, after hours and hours of negotiation, he's gonna decline anyway so don't even bother challenging him to a race next time.    


 The master. The idol. The papi. The paps. In the presence of a guru, you might feel like bowing down but don't because you'll look like an idiot. Gurus probably have the same car as yours, only better. Way better. All the aftermarket parts you've had wet dreams of, is in his car. And he even installed them himself. A real bad ass gear head, this guy has been immersed in the car scene since long before the day you first learned about Simota racing filters.

But remember this, a stunning car don't always make a guru. What makes a true guru is his real passion for his machine and the knowledge he gained over the decades of being a car guy. A guru may have a bone stock car but won't have problems overhauling the engine blind-folded.

During a car night, all car questions are directed to this guy because he's a walking, talking, breathing Wiki-car-pedia and a nice guy to boot! Zero arrogance. Now that's a real guru to me. :)


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