Saturday, January 10, 2015

"Lavramon"... a sexy name for a radiator cleaning machine

A couple of months back, Ace (my 6th gen Honda Accord) has been having temperature problems and I found out the cause the hard way. I was driving along Ortigas when the temperature suddenly shot up and I could hear pressurized water coming from the engine bay. I pulled up in the nearest gas station and found out that a hose near the engine block has cracked and is spraying water everywhere. I got it replaced right away. While I was at the shop, I had them check all of water hoses if they were all in good condition and I got a thumbs up from the mechanic. It got me thinking about Ace's cooling system...

 Ace's radiator is filthy. It's filled with rust or mud or who knows what that brown substance is. So I thought, while all the hoses are still good, it's a good time to try out having the radiator cleaned to ensure a healthy cooling system. Meet... "Lavramon". Sounds like a sexy love machine.... well, sort of is. Specially when you say it with a hard rolling R. Lav-rrrrrrrramon. :)

The principle is like "flushing". Basically the Lavramon machine pumps water combined with a cleaning chemical in your cooling system, therefore flushing out the old water together with all the filth. The Lavramon machine will do it's cycle for about 30 minutes (depending on how dirty your radiator is) and it's done. Before the Lavramon-ing started, the mechanic removed Ace's thermostat. Otherwise, it will block the water way. 

These hoses are hooked up to the Lavramon.
 In Ace's case, the radiator was cleaned in 30 minutes, and the dummy that I am, I didn't get to take a picture of the Lavramon in action because I was too busy having pizza across the street. I was so hungry. :( By the time I got back, the thermostat was already being installed. Last step was to put in new water, coolant and voila!

After the service, just seeing the color of the radiator water was already impressive. Ace used to have rust-colored water because of all the filth. Now it runs clear. It's feels good knowing you have clean water running through your car's veins.

The Lavramon service at JP Wheels in Sucat costs Php 1,000.00. It might be a little pricey but compared to having to buy a new radiator... I know you would agree it's cheaper. JP Wheels specializes in suspension mainly but it's an awesome bonus that they have Lavramon. So give them a visit if you wanna try it out. :)

Watched this Sylvia get dropped while waiting for Ace's turn. I just had to be in the shot. Haha!
A shout out to Don Benito's yummy Pichi Pichi too! Hihi.


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