Thursday, November 27, 2014

Paraffin Wax Treatment at ECRU Nail Salon is love!

When I hear Banawe, I immediately think - car parts, testosterone, man cave. But I found out from Rina's Rainbow that there is a little girlie girl nook in Banawe too and it's called ECRU Nail Spa. For a car enthusiast like me, going to Banawe is a joy. But I'm a super girlie girl too so this is the perfect time for me to take a break from the car stuff and make way for my hormones. I have another reason to go to Banawe that doesn't involve grease and oil, only pure kikay-ness! 

Immediately as we walked in, I felt relaxed. The soothing colors, scent and music.. it was a piece of girlie haven in Banawe. The staff was so friendly and accommodating, you know right off the bat that you're in good hands.

ECRU's relaxing massage room.

ECRU offers everything from manicures, bikini waxes to massages. But one of the shop owners, miss Shai recommended for me to try the Wrap & Relax Paraffin Treatment. I honestly had no idea what that was but I got excited when I heard the word "Paraffin". I knew it had to involve some warm wax. This package includes a signature mani-pedi too so I was game right away. :)

I love ECRU's nail polish selection!
They carry CND products (and services) too!

Before the treatment starts, I chose a color and brand of nail polish I wanted to use. Which is so exciting because ECRU has the best selection of manicures. They carry the brands - OPI, Essie, Morgan Taylor, Zoya and Rubywing. But being a sparkle nut that I am, I immediately locked on the gold glittery polish by O.P.I.. I was happy just using one color but one of our manicurists that day recommended I use a top coat to go with it. when I saw it, my smile was up to here. It was even more sparkly! So now I was even more excited. :)

To begin the treatment, Aiza (my manicurist extraordinaire) gave me the basic foot spa - fizzing foot soak, foot file (love!) and scrub. Your hands get them too except for the filing of course. You will feel the skin on your hands and feet soften and relax. Then after that, it was time for the basic nail cleaning. Push, cuticle cutting, trim, file, the woyks. :)

When this big bowl of fluid came in I knew it was time for my much awaited Paraffin treatment. It was indeed melted Paraffin wax. Your hands and feet get dipped into it three times (quickly!) to create a thick layer of coating. At first I was hesitant because I was afraid it would be too hot, but you can test the temperature by dipping a finger or your heel first to see if you can handle it. When I felt that it was just right, Aiza went ahead and dipped my hands and feet into it. It felt so goooood. The heat was just perfect. It was just enough to make your muscles relax.
A brush is used to make sure everything is covered with Paraffin wax.

After three dips, you will immediately see the drying thick coat of wax covering your hands and feet. Aiza then covered them with plastic and wrapped them with a towel to help seal that soothing warmness in.

And for your hands too, of course... :)

As my hand and feet soak in goodness, Hungry Kat behind me gets ready for her yummy CND treatment. Read about it HERE.

After about 10 minutes, it was time to peel off the cooled Paraffin wax. It was such a new realm of pleasure for me as the thick layer of wax slowly peels away from my skin, leaving it all clean, soft and smooth. And I even noticed the color of my skin lighten a bit. Miss Shai explains that the Paraffin wax has a natural emollient. It softens skin and opens up the pores. And when the wax pulls away, it removes dead skin cells leaving skin smoother and cleaner. Complete yumminess. It is also perfect for dry, cracked hands and feet. It can even ease the pain of Arthritis.

Aiza peeling off the wax with a soothing massage... heaven...
To end my Paraffin treatment was my gold mani-pedi. The combination of the matte gold polish with the glitter top coat made my nails look fabulous! I literally could not stop looking at them as they sparkle in the light. Love!

My sister Rina's Rainbow gets her gel manicure!

Left to right: Rina's Rainbow, Pink Turbo, Ms. Shai (ECRU Nail Spa co-owner) and Hungry Kat.
ECRU Nail Spa is such a gem in Banawe. That place is now doubly special for me. I already cannot wait to visit them again for my next treatment. Hhmmm... maybe I'll get a massage next time.

Thank you so much to the shop owners, Ms. Shai Ng-Tan Lee, Ms. Anna Barrameda-Ong and Ms. Marnely Calata for having us. And of course, a special thank you to Aiza and the rest of ECRU's staff who made all the magic possible. He he. I'll see you again very soon ECRU! No car DIY sessions for the mean time. I don't wanna ruin my nails. :)    


They have party packages too! This would be great for a bridal shower. :)



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