Thursday, November 27, 2014

Paraffin Wax Treatment at ECRU Nail Salon is love!

When I hear Banawe, I immediately think - car parts, testosterone, man cave. But I found out from Rina's Rainbow that there is a little girlie girl nook in Banawe too and it's called ECRU Nail Spa. For a car enthusiast like me, going to Banawe is a joy. But I'm a super girlie girl too so this is the perfect time for me to take a break from the car stuff and make way for my hormones. I have another reason to go to Banawe that doesn't involve grease and oil, only pure kikay-ness! 

Immediately as we walked in, I felt relaxed. The soothing colors, scent and music.. it was a piece of girlie haven in Banawe. The staff was so friendly and accommodating, you know right off the bat that you're in good hands.

Friday, November 21, 2014

A 1965 Mustang Coupe graces Shell Tambay

You know that feeling when you come home from a first date and you feel all giddy inside? That's exacty what I felt when I came home last Friday from my weekly Shell tambay night.

In a sea (when I say sea, I mean gas station) full of modified cars, it was like a slow motion scene out of a chick flick when this old school, classic, pure American freakin' muscle Mustang pulled up to join in. Suddenly all the modified cars were a blur. It was love at first sight. :)

I am a notoriously shy person. I never come up to people I don't know and talk to them. But this was definitely an exception. I thought, screw it... I was not gonna let the night pass without talking to the owner and getting a closer look at this American muscle.

THIS is mister Percy Reyes' 1965 Mustang Coupe... I'll give you a few seconds to gawk...