Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Elevo Eco-Cleaning Gel: Slime to clean your car anyone?

 I was doing one of my routine window shopping at a True Value store when I saw this ooey gooey alien technology by Elevo. It's a re-usable and biodegradable sticky gel that claims to clean a surface that has those hard to reach holes and small crevices. You roll it on the surface, the gel then molds onto those holes, and when you roll it off all that dust and dirt sticks to it like glue making the surface dust-free. I thought this was perfect for a car dashboard. So I risked 199.75 pesos and tried it out. 

 It reminded me of Slimer from the Ghostbusters. It's more gooey than what I had expected. You leave it on your hand for 5 seconds and it will start to almost melt. 

I tested it first on the shifter which is a total dust trap. Just place the gel on the surface and roll it on quickly and with a little pressure. If you roll it too slow it will start to stick and that makes it a bit harder to get off. Which you can kind of see on the picture on the far right. I kept on rolling and rolling until I covered every inch and here's the result...

Great right? Clean! So I did the air-conditioning knobs...

 Pretty good right? It really does clean. I was admiring my work, enjoying the happy moment until I saw this...

The gel was sitting on my hand for less than a minute and it melted and dripped from my hand and onto my poor shorts. It was such a nightmare to get off! And for extra fun, I panicked like a dummy and got it on my shirt too. Good job. 

The major downside -you have to keep the gel moving to avoid letting it melt. Unless you want to put it back in its itty bitty jar every time you wanna take a 10-second break, which is too much of a hassle.  

Left: Unused                                                           Right: Used
So... in conclusion, the Elevo Eco-Cleaning Gel really does clean those hard to reach areas. It gets the job done. But it's so hard to handle that it makes you want to flush it down the toilet. Silver lining though, I think the dirtier it gets the firmer the gel becomes which in turn makes it way easier to use. Less the annoying melting action. So I'm giving this product a chance to stay in my shelf. But at the end of the day, I have to admit that it  doesn't do anything better than the good old wet rag. 

But I sure did have fun putting it on my hand and pretending to be in an Alien movie. :)


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