Thursday, September 18, 2014

Yummy Glass Detailing at Soapy Rides Car Wash!

I have been bearing with crazy watermark-filled windshield since I got Ace and it has come to a point where I absolutely can't drive in the rain. Which is sad because I used to love it. :( But all that stupid watermarks make it impossible for me to do so. When light hits the watermarks on the windshield, it spreads it like butter on bread and I literally have zero visibility. Changing the wipers helped a bit when I drive during the day but when night time comes, and it rains, ugh... I drive like a grandma.

So I was really psyched when mister Karl Donato of Soapy Rides Car Wash told me about glass detailing. I was already considering having a new windshield fabricated for Ace! So imagine my relief. He said it would get rid of all the watermarks completely. I was skeptical at first, but boy... gladly I was proven wrong. The new windshield combined with the glass detailing cleaned that windshield up like it was a new car. No exaggerations. 

What they do is basically buff the windshield to get rid of all the deposits. At first I thought maybe I could do a little DIY sesh and do it myself but I realized I don't have a polisher, ha ha! And Karl told me he spent months perfecting the paste he uses for the glass. He tried multiple combinations and finally got it after a month of testing. So I can't really just wing it at home if I want good results. Plus, I already have a manicure appointment. My nails. :(

I already saw the difference after a few minutes so I decided to bother kuya Ron so I could take a picture. He he! Left side is untreated, right side is treated. Look at that difference. The water just slides off because there is no dirt to hold on to. Take that, rain! :)

  So after about 30 minutes, all I have is clean, lustrous glass. It only cost me Php600 as opposed to, I don't know, 10k for a new windshield? Ha ha! 

I couldn't stop touching the glass because it feels different. Definitely squeaky clean. It rained right after the detailing session. So of course this time I was smug. Every time the wiper passed, I just had to yell "yay!" It was flawless. I love driving in the rain now! I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to kick that watermark's ass. Thank you Soapy Rides Car Wash! :)

For inquiries, contact Karl Donato of Soapy Rides Car Wash:

Phone: 0917-6191621


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Ace visiting Soapy Rides Car Wash (an excuse to take a "selfie")


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