Thursday, September 4, 2014

Trying Out the Cyclo Fuel Injector and Carb Cleaner

    As a part of figuring out why Ace hard starts and chokes, a friend of mine suggested trying out a Fuel Injector Cleaner. As you may know, I just changed the timing belts, spark plugs, batteries and even cleaned the distributor but none of it did the trick. So cleaning out the fuel injectors seems like a good idea. Plus, I watched on Discovery Turbo that it adds a couple of horsepower so... yeah baby. 

All you need to do is pour a bottle of it in your gas tank to mix with your car's fuel. As the fuel travels through the engine's fuel injectors, the cleaner does it's magic and gradually gives a smoother path for your fuel. Thus, getting rid of the engine choke. Or at least that's the hope in Ace's case.

    I got my Cyclo Fuel Injector (and Carb) Cleaner from Ace Hardware, Tiendesitas branch for Php 279.75. I was surprised how cheap it is, but it would have been nice to choose from a wide range of other brands for comparison but Cyclo was the only one they had.

    A bottle treats up to 21 gallons of fuel and  I was so excited when I got the blessing of my car guru friend to put it in with my existing half a tank of gas. I didn't want to go through the trouble of making the measurements exact. So I was grinning as I pour it in. Bath time, fuel injectors!


So far, Ace's engine feels a tad more responsive and light. Not a lot though, just a tad. So I guess that's the added HPs? I don't know. But who cares, it's still awesome. :) 

Unfortunately though, it's still hard-starting and the choking didn't go away. :(  So... back to the drawing board. I'm still happy I tried it though. Because I'm sure it did something good to Ace's engine. Money definitely not wasted. 



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