Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rocket Events rocked the Eastbound Auto Show!

The Shell Tambay admins and I had the best time last night at Rocket Events Production's Eastbound Auto Show. Who knew the Cainta municipal hall could turn into such a hoppin' place? You could see all the cool lights and hear the ass-kicking beats from a mile away. It was such an adrenaline rush. As I was parking, I couldn't wait to get out of the car and join in! One of those car shows that you know is gonna be good even before you get there.

 Over 60 entries and all of them were sexy as heck. I have no idea how the judges could possibly decide who to give the 170 awards to! A mixture of Japs, Euros, old shool and new school eye-candies. I was literally dizzy after the show from trying to make my head turn 360 the entire time, I didn't know where to look! But aside from the awesome cars, we met and talked to so many people behind the amazing builds. And the best part is that a lot of them are members of Shell Tambay so it was like a house party! :)

I'm sending a huge congratulations to Rocket Events Productions for such a successful show. The Eastbound Auto Show did not disappoint. No surprise there. To mister Kel Rodriguez of Rocket Events Productions, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting Pink Turbo as a media partner. I absolutely cannot wait for your next one. :)

Okay, okay... I know you wanna see the cars right? So I'm gonna quit yapping and show you my favorites. Get a napkin ready for your drool. ENJOY!

Let's starts with the old school shall we? This green Lancer "boxtype" was my favorite. Restored to a T. I know the owner probably wanted to shoo me away because I just couldn't get over how perfectly it was painted. I'm not a huge fan of a green car but this one I love. 

Another old school Lancer got my attention. Look at this rally-ed up boxtype! Evo 0, yes? 

 Loved how clean this Corolla is.
If you're also a sucker for clean set ups, check out these EKs that made me drool...

Check it out, Rota Brecia rims on an EK. Never knew it would look this sexy.

This EK is royally rocking this blue and neon yellow.
Wire-tucked to perfection!

 My ultimate favorite of the night... a 5th generation Honda Accord. Surprise, surprise. Ha ha! This Accord is a build by DWork, an auto-shop in Taytay wherein I now plan to bring my Ace for a repaint after I fill up my piggy bank. :) This picture does not do it justice.

Uhuh. You're looking at an H22 engine.
Sexy Honda S2000. The only convertible at the show.
The old school Lancer this was on was gorgeous but these rims deserve a "selfie" don't you think?

The first Kia Picanto I've seen in a show. Nope, it's not on fire. It was just smokin' hot. ;)
Gotta give this one a nod for his tribute to Paul walker.
A Bob Marley themed 3M foiled car. Pretty cool since the foil is glossy and not matte.

 And of course the bagged beauties of Liberty garage...

The first bagged Corolla in the country. Read about it HERE.
Photo by: Edu Malvar

Sir Bob's yellow bimmer is stunning like crazy!
Photo by: Edu Malvar


 Are we good boys? Back to cars? You sure? Okay.... :)

Time to see the bad ass sound systems. The entries were so crazy, I felt like I was in a car show for the first time again. The people who conceptualized these are the best kind of crazies in the world.

Got monitors?

You're not looking at the speakers, are you?

Whew. So that concludes my Eastbound Auto Show experience. I can't wait for your next one, Rocket Events Productions! Thanks for having me! :)


  1. Hi sis! Thanks for including our car (the black Honda Accord) in your post! We love it too! Hehe! :)


    1. Hi Diane! I love your Accord! You know I almost wrote an entire post just for it? Haha! I'm so glad you saw this post. I really wanted to meet the owner of that Accord, and now I sort of did. Yay! :)

    2. Sir Arvee actually just told my husband about your blog post and my husband, in turn, told me about it. Haha! Sir Arvee took our car to another car show last Sunday (in SM City Novaliches) and our Accord won 'Best Full Sized Sedan'. First, no less! We're so happy! :D Sir Arvee really does awesome work. ;)

      Yey, I'm glad I got to "meet" you too. ^_^

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