Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Drooling over a Corolla on Air Suspension

Source: Arch. Ed Cabs
This 1994 Toyota Corolla is owned by a friend of mine, Arch. Ed Cabs of Grupo Toyota and East Auto Club. Isn't it such a masterpiece? It took my breath away when I saw it during one of our Shell nights.

I will go out on the limb here and say that this is the first Toyota Corolla on air suspensions in the Philippines.

I've seen this car even before it got the "airsus" (a cool kid way to say air suspension) and even then it was already sexy. I mean, first of all it has a 4EFTE engine. Flawless paint. And did you notice the bumper? There are like 10 different bumpers you can put on a corolla but Ed opted to use one from a Subaru. Yes, a Subaru. And the rims, what can I say? How can you go wrong with BBS?

Source: Benjie Silva
Now about that airsus. According to Arch. Ed, a lot of modifications were done for it to work on the Corolla body. It's the mods that raked in the majority of the cost. Because let's face it, the Corolla is basically already a classic so not surprisingly there aren't any bolt-on airsus for it. Which makes the build more sexy don't you think? More labor of love. And that labor of love was gently folded in by the awesome artists at Liberty Garage.

Source: Arch. Ed Cabs

Source: Arch. Ed Cabs

You're probably wondering how much kachings it took for the airsus huh? Let me just tell you this, it costs more than the car. A lot more. You do the math.

Source: Arch. Ed Cabs

I could go on and on and on about how stunning this Corolla is, but more than anything, what I admire most about this build is how ballsy it is. I never thought there would be anyone brave enough to put air suspensions on a Corolla. It has always been a timeless beauty but this just puts it in a whole different level. It sends out such strong statements. One that speaks of how truly timeless and versatile the Toyota Corolla body is, and an even stronger statement which shows how deep a car guy's love goes for his machine.

So to Arch. Ed and everyone that worked on this one-for-the-books build, a slow clap and standing ovation to you guys. This Corolla is a masterpiece. 

Now for a more complete drool-fest, here are the complete specifications of Arch. Ed's 'rolla...

Source: Arch. Ed Cabs
Engine: 4EFTE front mount with e-Manage by Boss Autoworks 
Rims: 17x 8.5 chrome BBS
Sound System by Project AI
Paint: straight Dupont by Wetwerx
Suspension: Gameover Air Suspension and fitment by Liberty Garage 


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