Saturday, August 9, 2014

Another a-hole JAC Liner bus driver

I have always thought some bus drivers (I'm trying to be nice by saying some, not all) are reckless, inconsiderate jerks. A very good friend of mine shared this story with me today about an A-hole JAC Liner driver and I'm sharing this in hopes that it will go viral.

"Mom slipped near Yulo condo yesterday after she alighted a Jac Liner bus from Binan (the driver forced her to get off in dangerous area, the foot of the skyway bound for Don Bosco St.)... she must have panicked and in her attempt to hurry she slipped, hitting her head on the pavement causing mild lacerations & bruises at the back of her head (and lots of bleeding)... she managed to ask a passerby to call on the guards of our condo and they immediately responded by calling my kids and getting a cab to take her to makati med... the contusion left a large bump and hematoma... CT Scans on her head and neck as well as xrays on her spine and pelvis showed normal/no significant damage/no fracture/no internal bleeding... we were released before 12mn last night and she is now resting in the condo... as with all physical trauma, pain will linger for several days so she would appreciate some quiet time to rest.."

He could have easily killed my friend's Mom! JAC Liner, your drivers are incompetent pricks that don't deserve to be behind the wheel, and be responsible for countless of lives everyday. But I'm sure you know that already right? Who cares about the passengers as long as you're raking in big bucks. A big fat juicy middle finger to you, JAC Liner.


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