Sunday, May 11, 2014

Test Driving the 2014 Honda City!

Thanks to my ever supportive sister, Rina's Rainbow, I found out that there was a Honda City test drive booth right in our village. So of course, I could not resist. My Dad has a 2011 Honda City so I'm pretty excited to see what the new features are.

I met a very accommodating sales executive named Mark of Honda Cars Global City and he let me take the all new 2014 Honda City for a spin. I particularly liked it when he said "Pwede natin iharurot 'to ma'am." He gave me the green light to floor it. That made me like him more. :)

So let's get down to my not so expert opinion on the all new 2014 Honda City shall we?


Compared to the last model, the things I noticed were the different grill and the presence of fog lamps. The fog lamps added a sporty touch. I prefer the old grill though. I have always liked that grill, it was very sporty and I don't know why but it reminded me of the robots in Transformers. The new one is all chrome, one thick line, way more simpler. I wish they had injected a little more sport into it. But Mark said the Modulo variant had a sportier grill so I'd like to see that.

The new ass is sexier though. That rear bumper looks sporty but that chrome detail and those sleek tail lights make it look elegant.

These are its 16-inch 5-spoke rims (185/55/R16). Honestly, the first time I saw it I didn't like it. But when I took a closer look, it was pretty nice. Notice how each spoke has an outer spoke and an inner spoke? It looks 3D don't you think? I thought that was cool. :)


I loved the cockpit! Right off the bat, those gauges are eye candy. A far upgrade from the last Honda City model. I liked how they kept the tachometer and speedometer analog too.

You notice the blue steaks of light above the speedometer? Those change to green when you're burning fuel more efficiently. Blue indicates you're basically wasting fuel. Ha ha! It was blue when we were parked. When I started driving, it turned to green. Cool eh? :)

The 2014 Honda City is now equipped with a rear view camera. You can view it through your screen on the dashboard, which is touch screen by the way, and has HDMI capability. The air-conditioning controls are now touch screen too. I know right?

Under the air-conditioning controls are the HDMI slots, power outlet and of course USB slots for your iPod. Because apparently nobody cares about my Samsung.

Here is the backseat. Lousy picture, I know, but allow me to blame it on the sun. All black interior, and the fabric felt nice. Not at all cheap looking.

Check it out, located behind the center console are 2 power outlets. Yes people in the backseat, in the 2014 Honda City, you can charge now! 

 Radio controls on the steering wheel.

Of course, the push start engine ignition.
A very spacious trunk space. Wider opening too compared to the previous model.


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I got to test drive the 1.5 VX CVT model, 120 HP. Which, according to Mark, is the best selling model. "CVT" stands for Continuously Variable Transmission. I honestly have no idea how it works exactly but it makes the shifting between gears very smooth. You literally will not notice when the the gears change. It is as smooth as a newly asphalted road... in Edsa. Needless to say of course that this is for the automatic models.

I also noticed how silent the engine was. I didn't know the engine was running until I went inside the car. According to Mark, the sound deadening in this new City was better now because Honda adapted it from the Accord, which is a luxury car. Good call, Honda.

2014 honda paddle shifts

Now for the fun part. I was surprised to see the new Honda City had paddle shifts. I thought that was pretty cool. More engine control.

Another feature on the 2014 City that I really really loved was how they mixed sport with economy. On the shift knob, you have your usual P, D, N, R. But this time you get an S. Oh yes, that S stands for Sport baby. Mark asked me to floor the gas then shift it to S. I heard that 1.5 engine roar. And it was pretty fast! I think Mark didn't expect I would floor it that way. Ha ha! I loved how the engine responded and the brakes compensated very well. Really perfect for that spirited driving. I wanted to use that sport mode with the paddle shifts but I don't think Mark would have allowed me anymore. He he.

honda city econ button

 Sport and economy meshed into one. The new City has an "Econ" button that is perfect for city driving. I regret not asking more about this feature because I was too caught up in the whole sport mode of it all but with the gas prices right now, I'm just so happy they have that button in there. I was a bit bummed to find out though that there are no 1.3 Honda Cities anymore. All models have a 1.5 displacement.


honda city 2014 pricelist

The prices are the same as the previous Honda City model with 1.3 engines. So I think it's a good deal.

So... I guess that's it for my day in the City. Get it? Ahaha haha ha h... never mind. I give the 2014 Honda City a big thumbs up. I would recommend it to anyone who would like a fuel efficient family car but enjoys the occasional spirited driving. Kudos Honda!

honda dealer

If you want to test drive the new Honda City too, just give Mark a ring and he will be happy to schedule one for you. Thanks again, Mark!


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