Saturday, May 31, 2014

Installed a new ECU for my Accord!

  After almost a year of looking at that depressing check engine light on my gauges, today is the day that it is finally gone. I finally installed a new ECU for my Ace. The CEL demon is vanquished!

Check engine light no mo'! No more gas too but who cares. Ha ha!
     About a year ago, my computer box (ECU) broke down and the only way to save it was to do a wire jump on the board. Hence, the check engine light. I searched everywhere for a surplus ECU but I never found one. Until now, almost a year later, thanks to a guy who decided to part out his wrecked Accord 6th generation, my Ace got a new brain. Thank you Mark!

The wrecked Accord has a 2.3 engine (VTiL) and I have the 2.0 (VTi) so at first I thought it wouldn't be compatible. But my friends from Accord Tuner Philippines assured me that it will be. And it is!

Okay, so I'm gonna sound like a total drama queen for this but I don't care. He he. I waited sooo long for an ECU and now that it's here, I'm beyond ecstatic. So here we go...

A humongous THANK YOU to my awesome family from Accord Tuner Philippines for teaching me everything I know about car ECUs. Adrian, thanks for letting me bug you for your expert opinion. Ken, for finding my new ECU and being very patient with me and my gazillion questions. And Greg who immediately secured the ECU for me. I owe you guys three large pizzas each... or Lechon Manok... or Bulalo. Whatever you want man. THANK YOU Accord Tuners Philippines for all your help. After a year, I can sleep soundly now.

Thank you old ECU, you served me well. I shall use you as paper weight for now.

If you're an Accord enthusiast too and would like to join Accord Tuners PH, head on to Honda Club Philippines or visit the Accord Tuner PH Facebook group here and join the fun!


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