Saturday, May 10, 2014

How To DIY Install Accord Headlights

Finally installed my new headlights! I feel so bad ass doing it all by myself too! Oh hell yes. This is one for the ladies!

I went back and forth deciding if I should bring it to a shop to have it installed or just buy a set of socket wrenches and bask in the joy (and grease) of doing it myself. At Ace Hardware a set only costs Php 449.75. More or less the same amount a shop would charge me if I had them install it for me. So I went for the wrenches. It's a good investment when you have a car baby. And it's way more fun this way. :)

I already attempted to do this once with a friend of mine so I kinda already knew what to do. But we had to abort the mission because we didn't have these socket wrenches. But I do now, so I told screws to suck it and then I attacked. First order of business (after removing the batteries because I'm so afraid of being electrocuted) is to remove the bumper...

There's one screw here...
And one underneath. I look stupid I know, couldn't resist the photo op. Ha ha!
The bumper can't be removed without removing the grill too. Just used a flat screw to remove the clips.

The bumper is off now. Yay! So I moved on to removing my stock headlights...

I couldn't remove the headlights without removing this thingamajig first.

VOILA! Time to get my new lamps!

Before I decided to get these new headlights, I did a little Googling and I read on a forum that these aftermarket Accord lamps usually wouldn't fit perfectly. Sadly I found out that it's true...

Exhibit A. You can see how the holes don't line up.

Exhibit B. How in the heck? :(

 Out of 8 screws that held the lamps, only 2 could fit back in. But you know what,surprisingly I didn't care. Yet. I'll take care of it some other time. That's what Zip Ties are for right? Ha ha! It felt very sturdy. As long as I'm certain it wouldn't fall off while I'm driving, then it's all good.

Spot the zip ties!

After a good 3 hours or so (Ha ha!).. I finally finished it. Forgive me as I pause for a minute while I appreciate it's beauty...

I made a boo boo though. I have one signal light that's not working. I made the stupid mistake of not testing all the lights before putting the bumper back in. Darn it. I can't access the signal lights without removing the bumper again. Ha ha! Oops

And I wonder if I really need these. I didn't put it back in because it would fit anymore with the new lamps.
I'm patting myself on the back for doing this alone. To quote Phoebe on the TV show Friends, "I think I'm ready for my penis now." Ha ha!

I'm patting myself on the back for doing this alone. To quote Phoebe on the TV show Friends, "I think I'm ready for my penis now." Ha ha!


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