Sunday, April 27, 2014

Farewell Vic the Civic!

Dear Vic,

After 10 months of drama, we finally say goodbye to you. You were our buy and sell car, turned project car, turned just sell it already car. Your potential was huge but it came to a point where all the expense and effort was just not worth it anymore...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

MIAS 2014

It was my first time to go to MIAS (Manila International Auto Show) I am so psyched I went! The travel to World Trade Center and the 100 peso ticket was definitely worth it. I would have paid 500 to tell you honestly.

What I loved about MIAS was how huge it was. There were 4 "rooms" in total. You'll walk from room to room with different car categories. It took us approximately an hour. And that is the reason why I regretted wearing my wedges. My feet were throbbing. I didn't know the show was gonna be that long! But again, worth it. I just feel bad for my shoes. So here we go...

The first room was for the major car companies to showcase their new models. Ford, Subaru, Kia, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, etc. There were also new car companies like Tata and BND. Or at least I think they're new. One of the highlights for me was the LFA and that Datsun. Yummy. But I spent the most time at Ford though. I'm loving their new models. But I didn't get to take pictures. I'm smart like that. But here are some..

silver VW Jetta
The new VW Jetta! How awesome. I didn't know there was a new model.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Volkswagen Philippines gives us the new Beetle!

How awesome is this? The "bug" is back! It doesn't matter what era you're from, if you're a car enthusiast or not, everyone knows what a Volkswagen Beetle is. It is timeless. A definite icon in the automotive industry.

I was so psyched when the best sister in the world, Rina's Rainbow asked me to tag along with her in this event held at the Mind Museum in The Fort, Taguig. She immediately thought of me when she found out it was a car event. God bless her rainbow-colored heart!