Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Sunny Sunny Night...

Nissan Sentra B13 (Japan's "Sunny")
I was so psyched when a good friend of mine invited me to go to Sentra Club PH's car meet. I was looking forward to seeing all those Sentras together, and so I did.

B12s, B13s, B14s and N16s... everyone was present! But my favorite Sentra body has always been the B13 (1991-1994) so seeing a lot of them is just so sweet! I was biased in taking pictures. He he!

A gigantic THANK YOU to all the SCPH members who I met that night. Everyone was so nice and cool. I'm already excited to go to the next one.

More power to Sentra Club Philippines!

The awesome SCPH members.

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