Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Ace Gets the Accord "JDM" Headlights!

Isn't it bea-uuuutifulll? The black and chrome with the orange accent...yum. These are my new Accord "JDM" headlights! I'm so happy!

I've always loved these black headlights but I couldn't find one locally. Even online, I only found them available on Ebay (USA) and it costs $180. My other option was DIY. Which in my case, the expression "destroy it yourself" is true, so using my stock Stanley headlights is suicide. So when my aunt in the U.S. asked me what I wanted, it was a no-brainer. And because I have the best aunt ever, even when she thought I was crazy she still got it for me. Now it's here!

Oh man, I let out the loudest scream when I opened the package. Our maid came running to check if I was okay. Ha ha!

 I found out though that there are no actual "JDM" headlights for the 6th gen Accord. Because the 6th gen body was not released Japan. So this probably started with some smart dude who painted his headlights black, called it "JDM" and voila!


  1. The look... of loooove... Hehehehe.

    I have to admit though it does look bad ass :-) Smokey eyes! So happy for ya sistah!

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