Thursday, November 27, 2014

Paraffin Wax Treatment at ECRU Nail Salon is love!

When I hear Banawe, I immediately think - car parts, testosterone, man cave. But I found out from Rina's Rainbow that there is a little girlie girl nook in Banawe too and it's called ECRU Nail Spa. For a car enthusiast like me, going to Banawe is a joy. But I'm a super girlie girl too so this is the perfect time for me to take a break from the car stuff and make way for my hormones. I have another reason to go to Banawe that doesn't involve grease and oil, only pure kikay-ness! 

Immediately as we walked in, I felt relaxed. The soothing colors, scent and music.. it was a piece of girlie haven in Banawe. The staff was so friendly and accommodating, you know right off the bat that you're in good hands.

Friday, November 21, 2014

A 1965 Mustang Coupe graces Shell Tambay

You know that feeling when you come home from a first date and you feel all giddy inside? That's exacty what I felt when I came home last Friday from my weekly Shell tambay night.

In a sea (when I say sea, I mean gas station) full of modified cars, it was like a slow motion scene out of a chick flick when this old school, classic, pure American freakin' muscle Mustang pulled up to join in. Suddenly all the modified cars were a blur. It was love at first sight. :)

I am a notoriously shy person. I never come up to people I don't know and talk to them. But this was definitely an exception. I thought, screw it... I was not gonna let the night pass without talking to the owner and getting a closer look at this American muscle.

THIS is mister Percy Reyes' 1965 Mustang Coupe... I'll give you a few seconds to gawk...

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Elevo Eco-Cleaning Gel: Slime to clean your car anyone?

 I was doing one of my routine window shopping at a True Value store when I saw this ooey gooey alien technology by Elevo. It's a re-usable and biodegradable sticky gel that claims to clean a surface that has those hard to reach holes and small crevices. You roll it on the surface, the gel then molds onto those holes, and when you roll it off all that dust and dirt sticks to it like glue making the surface dust-free. I thought this was perfect for a car dashboard. So I risked 199.75 pesos and tried it out. 

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Rocket Events rocked the Eastbound Auto Show!

The Shell Tambay admins and I had the best time last night at Rocket Events Production's Eastbound Auto Show. Who knew the Cainta municipal hall could turn into such a hoppin' place? You could see all the cool lights and hear the ass-kicking beats from a mile away. It was such an adrenaline rush. As I was parking, I couldn't wait to get out of the car and join in! One of those car shows that you know is gonna be good even before you get there.

 Over 60 entries and all of them were sexy as heck. I have no idea how the judges could possibly decide who to give the 170 awards to! A mixture of Japs, Euros, old shool and new school eye-candies. I was literally dizzy after the show from trying to make my head turn 360 the entire time, I didn't know where to look! But aside from the awesome cars, we met and talked to so many people behind the amazing builds. And the best part is that a lot of them are members of Shell Tambay so it was like a house party! :)

I'm sending a huge congratulations to Rocket Events Productions for such a successful show. The Eastbound Auto Show did not disappoint. No surprise there. To mister Kel Rodriguez of Rocket Events Productions, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for inviting Pink Turbo as a media partner. I absolutely cannot wait for your next one. :)

Okay, okay... I know you wanna see the cars right? So I'm gonna quit yapping and show you my favorites. Get a napkin ready for your drool. ENJOY!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Yummy Glass Detailing at Soapy Rides Car Wash!

I have been bearing with crazy watermark-filled windshield since I got Ace and it has come to a point where I absolutely can't drive in the rain. Which is sad because I used to love it. :( But all that stupid watermarks make it impossible for me to do so. When light hits the watermarks on the windshield, it spreads it like butter on bread and I literally have zero visibility. Changing the wipers helped a bit when I drive during the day but when night time comes, and it rains, ugh... I drive like a grandma.

So I was really psyched when mister Karl Donato of Soapy Rides Car Wash told me about glass detailing. I was already considering having a new windshield fabricated for Ace! So imagine my relief. He said it would get rid of all the watermarks completely. I was skeptical at first, but boy... gladly I was proven wrong. The new windshield combined with the glass detailing cleaned that windshield up like it was a new car. No exaggerations. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Excited for the Eastbound Auto Show!

 I am sure you've heard of this one by now. I'm so excited to cover the Eastbound Auto Show! The Cainta municipal grounds will be filled with the sickest cars in the city! The east side has always been an haven for car enthusiasts so this is gonna be good! Plus, Rocket Events Productions are the brains behind this event so you can bet your sweet ass it's gonna be awesomesauce!

170 awards will be given out so what are you waiting for? If only Ace were a show car I'd be first in line! Ha ha! See you all there! :)



Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Drooling over a Corolla on Air Suspension

Source: Arch. Ed Cabs
This 1994 Toyota Corolla is owned by a friend of mine, Arch. Ed Cabs of Grupo Toyota and East Auto Club. Isn't it such a masterpiece? It took my breath away when I saw it during one of our Shell nights.

I will go out on the limb here and say that this is the first Toyota Corolla on air suspensions in the Philippines.

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Trying Out the Cyclo Fuel Injector and Carb Cleaner

    As a part of figuring out why Ace hard starts and chokes, a friend of mine suggested trying out a Fuel Injector Cleaner. As you may know, I just changed the timing belts, spark plugs, batteries and even cleaned the distributor but none of it did the trick. So cleaning out the fuel injectors seems like a good idea. Plus, I watched on Discovery Turbo that it adds a couple of horsepower so... yeah baby. 

All you need to do is pour a bottle of it in your gas tank to mix with your car's fuel. As the fuel travels through the engine's fuel injectors, the cleaner does it's magic and gradually gives a smoother path for your fuel. Thus, getting rid of the engine choke. Or at least that's the hope in Ace's case.

    I got my Cyclo Fuel Injector (and Carb) Cleaner from Ace Hardware, Tiendesitas branch for Php 279.75. I was surprised how cheap it is, but it would have been nice to choose from a wide range of other brands for comparison but Cyclo was the only one they had.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Yay! New Denso Design Blade windshield wipers!

I'm actually laughing as I write this. Yay! I am so happy I got new wipers! Ha ha! Simple joys in life. :)

Since I got Ace (my baby Accord), I haven't changed it's windshield wipers. That means I've been bearing with useless old wipers that give me zero visibility when it rains for approximately 4 years now. So I'm sure you can understand now why I'm all giddy. :)

  So I went to the nearest Blade store and got me some Denso "Design Blades". Which, I thought were the banana type ones but it turns out it was just a traditional wiper. I was so excited that I forgot to check. Ha ha! I'm still very happy with it though. Denso's Design Blades is a crossbreed. It's just your traditional wiper type but has the sleek sexy look of a banana wiper. Oh yeah baby. ;)

So yay! I'm excited for rain now! Rain please! :)

Left: 18"
Right: 24"

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Globe Slipstream at BGC

  I had so much fun today watching Marlon Stockinger test his F1 race car at Globe's Slipstream event held at Bonifacio Global City, Taguig. Heck, I had so much fun just seeing an F1 race car in the flesh! And all those super cars... ooh la la! There really are no words to describe how much of a treat it is for the eyes and especially the ears. Hearing all those super cars in high rev made my heart skip a beat, and when it was that F1 race car's turn...I think I forgot my name there for a moment.

This was such an awesome experience. You rock, Globe for doing this. I have one regret though, I should have went to the starting point so I got to see Marlon Stockinger. I had no idea he was so dreamy! :)

No matter what I say to describe the sound and presence of an F1 race car, I won't do it justice. So watch and enjoy a little car porn here...

And for the ladies, I have a little eye candy for you too. How hot is Marlon Stockinger? :)

Photo from Marlon Stockinger Online

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

DIY: Cleaning the distributor

I was so bummed a few days ago when Ace's engine (my Honda Accord) had a hard time starting up. It had a strong crank but didn't want to go all the way for some reason. I just got a new battery so that can't be it. And Ace just got the full treatment at my trusted auto-shop about a month ago. IE., changed timing belts, changed spark plugs, cleaned the servo and throttle assembly. The whole shebang. So what could this be?

I consulted a good friend of mine/ Accord guru and he recommended that I check my distributor and do a little D.I.Y. to rule out an electrical problem. So here's what teacher Ken instructed me what to do...

This is the reason why we thought the distributor was the culprit. I got this from underneath the distributor. It was leaking oil. Oil inside the distributor will make it harder for the electricity to travel. So I removed the cap and cleaned the inside.

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Another a-hole JAC Liner bus driver

I have always thought some bus drivers (I'm trying to be nice by saying some, not all) are reckless, inconsiderate jerks. A very good friend of mine shared this story with me today about an A-hole JAC Liner driver and I'm sharing this in hopes that it will go viral.

"Mom slipped near Yulo condo yesterday after she alighted a Jac Liner bus from Binan (the driver forced her to get off in dangerous area, the foot of the skyway bound for Don Bosco St.)... she must have panicked and in her attempt to hurry she slipped, hitting her head on the pavement causing mild lacerations & bruises at the back of her head (and lots of bleeding)... she managed to ask a passerby to call on the guards of our condo and they immediately responded by calling my kids and getting a cab to take her to makati med... the contusion left a large bump and hematoma... CT Scans on her head and neck as well as xrays on her spine and pelvis showed normal/no significant damage/no fracture/no internal bleeding... we were released before 12mn last night and she is now resting in the condo... as with all physical trauma, pain will linger for several days so she would appreciate some quiet time to rest.."

He could have easily killed my friend's Mom! JAC Liner, your drivers are incompetent pricks that don't deserve to be behind the wheel, and be responsible for countless of lives everyday. But I'm sure you know that already right? Who cares about the passengers as long as you're raking in big bucks. A big fat juicy middle finger to you, JAC Liner.

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

DIY: Cleaning my oily ECU

 I had this issue back when I was still using my old ECU on my Accord. You can see this oil-like fluid all over one of the ECU ports. It was soaked, almost dripping. I kept on inspecting the surroundings of the computer box if there's a leak or something but everything is sealed and dry. Even the socket wires leading to that ECU port was dry. I clean it, and it builds up again after about a month. Weird.

  So anyway, I just wanted to share how the gurus from Accord Tuner PH taught me how to clean my ECU ports so I can remove the yucky oil. Plus a quick DIY basics on how to remove your ECU as well. So here we go...

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Shell Tambay

Okay, so this is so long overdue. I've been meaning to write about Shell Tambay since forever but I never got to it for some reason. So here we go.

Shell Tambay is a Facebook group that consists of car enthusiasts from all over the Philippines. For my foreign readers, "tambay" basically means "to hang out". Every car guy is very much familiar with that one night a week where you get to spend some quality time with your car baby. In a place where showing off those new rims, burning rubber just because, and rev-limiting that engine is completely acceptable. This is what Shell Tambay is. A car guy's playground after school, if you will.

Our tambay nights are held at

Friday, June 13, 2014

Blue Wave and Shell Tabay's Father's Day Car Display

What better way to spend Father's Day than to look at awesome cars? Take your Dads tomorrow to Blue Wave and Shell Tambay's Father's Day car display! See you at the Blue Wave mall in Marikina.

Shell Tambay (which I will dedicate a whole blog for in the future) is a Facebook group that consists of thousands of car enthusiasts from different car clubs. Together with my friends, Benjo, Jun and Edu, I am one of the administrators of the group. We hold our car meets or "tambay nights" at the Shell gas station in Marcos Highway every Friday. And this is our first major event!

 I was so psyched when we got the message from Blue Wave that they wanted to collaborate with us. A whole car display just for us for Father's Day! How awesome is that? So of course, we immediately agreed.

It was so crazy organizing this but it was so fun I didn't mind the craziness. I would do this again and again in 0 to 60 in .5 seconds.

Thank you Blue Wave for trusting us!

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Installed a new ECU for my Accord!

  After almost a year of looking at that depressing check engine light on my gauges, today is the day that it is finally gone. I finally installed a new ECU for my Ace. The CEL demon is vanquished!

Check engine light no mo'! No more gas too but who cares. Ha ha!
     About a year ago, my computer box (ECU) broke down and the only way to save it was to do a wire jump on the board. Hence, the check engine light. I searched everywhere for a surplus ECU but I never found one. Until now, almost a year later, thanks to a guy who decided to part out his wrecked Accord 6th generation, my Ace got a new brain. Thank you Mark!

The wrecked Accord has a 2.3 engine (VTiL) and I have the 2.0 (VTi) so at first I thought it wouldn't be compatible. But my friends from Accord Tuner Philippines assured me that it will be. And it is!

Okay, so I'm gonna sound like a total drama queen for this but I don't care. He he. I waited sooo long for an ECU and now that it's here, I'm beyond ecstatic. So here we go...

A humongous THANK YOU to my awesome family from Accord Tuner Philippines for teaching me everything I know about car ECUs. Adrian, thanks for letting me bug you for your expert opinion. Ken, for finding my new ECU and being very patient with me and my gazillion questions. And Greg who immediately secured the ECU for me. I owe you guys three large pizzas each... or Lechon Manok... or Bulalo. Whatever you want man. THANK YOU Accord Tuners Philippines for all your help. After a year, I can sleep soundly now.

Thank you old ECU, you served me well. I shall use you as paper weight for now.

If you're an Accord enthusiast too and would like to join Accord Tuners PH, head on to Honda Club Philippines or visit the Accord Tuner PH Facebook group here and join the fun!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Test Driving the 2014 Honda City!

Thanks to my ever supportive sister, Rina's Rainbow, I found out that there was a Honda City test drive booth right in our village. So of course, I could not resist. My Dad has a 2011 Honda City so I'm pretty excited to see what the new features are.

I met a very accommodating sales executive named Mark of Honda Cars Global City and he let me take the all new 2014 Honda City for a spin. I particularly liked it when he said "Pwede natin iharurot 'to ma'am." He gave me the green light to floor it. That made me like him more. :)

So let's get down to my not so expert opinion on the all new 2014 Honda City shall we?


Saturday, May 10, 2014

How To DIY Install Accord Headlights

Finally installed my new headlights! I feel so bad ass doing it all by myself too! Oh hell yes. This is one for the ladies!

I went back and forth deciding if I should bring it to a shop to have it installed or just buy a set of socket wrenches and bask in the joy (and grease) of doing it myself. At Ace Hardware a set only costs Php 449.75. More or less the same amount a shop would charge me if I had them install it for me. So I went for the wrenches. It's a good investment when you have a car baby. And it's way more fun this way. :)

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Farewell Vic the Civic!

Dear Vic,

After 10 months of drama, we finally say goodbye to you. You were our buy and sell car, turned project car, turned just sell it already car. Your potential was huge but it came to a point where all the expense and effort was just not worth it anymore...

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

MIAS 2014

It was my first time to go to MIAS (Manila International Auto Show) I am so psyched I went! The travel to World Trade Center and the 100 peso ticket was definitely worth it. I would have paid 500 to tell you honestly.

What I loved about MIAS was how huge it was. There were 4 "rooms" in total. You'll walk from room to room with different car categories. It took us approximately an hour. And that is the reason why I regretted wearing my wedges. My feet were throbbing. I didn't know the show was gonna be that long! But again, worth it. I just feel bad for my shoes. So here we go...

The first room was for the major car companies to showcase their new models. Ford, Subaru, Kia, Mitsubishi, Volkswagen, etc. There were also new car companies like Tata and BND. Or at least I think they're new. One of the highlights for me was the LFA and that Datsun. Yummy. But I spent the most time at Ford though. I'm loving their new models. But I didn't get to take pictures. I'm smart like that. But here are some..

silver VW Jetta
The new VW Jetta! How awesome. I didn't know there was a new model.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Volkswagen Philippines gives us the new Beetle!

How awesome is this? The "bug" is back! It doesn't matter what era you're from, if you're a car enthusiast or not, everyone knows what a Volkswagen Beetle is. It is timeless. A definite icon in the automotive industry.

I was so psyched when the best sister in the world, Rina's Rainbow asked me to tag along with her in this event held at the Mind Museum in The Fort, Taguig. She immediately thought of me when she found out it was a car event. God bless her rainbow-colored heart! 

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Ace Gets the Accord "JDM" Headlights!

Isn't it bea-uuuutifulll? The black and chrome with the orange accent...yum. These are my new Accord "JDM" headlights! I'm so happy!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

My Sunny Sunny Night...

Nissan Sentra B13 (Japan's "Sunny")
I was so psyched when a good friend of mine invited me to go to Sentra Club PH's car meet. I was looking forward to seeing all those Sentras together, and so I did.