Monday, August 5, 2013

The Toyota Vios 2013

When I first saw it I really wasn't impressed. Because all I noticed was how it looked like a rip off of Mitsubishi Lancer's aggressive open-mouthed face. Didn't care about the specs, all I knew was they bit Mitsu's design so I didn't want to know more. Ha ha!

But one day I was in Market! Market! mall in Taguig (on a date. Yiiiheee! I remember that date, it was nice. Ok, back to Vios...), we came across one of those things where car companies rent a space to show off their new models. Toyota was there and there it was...

A sleek, sexy metallic brown car called "VIOS". It was like I've never heard that name before. There were 3 units there but my eye immediately went to the brown one. Oh man, that color is sexy. The interior was simple yet stylish. Didn't look cheap and too plastic-y. The gauges were analog and looked sporty in my opinion 'coz it had reds and blues. So that was a plus. Simple 15-inch spoke type stock rims. Headlights resemble that of a GT86 (of course). Too bad there weren't any Toyota people there to attend to us so we didn't get to go in the car and check it out further. 

The 2013 Vios looked really good. I was quite surprised. I was apologizing to it in my head for judging it too quickly for looking like a Lancer. After gawking at it for about 45 minutes, it didn't look like a Lancer anymore. All I could think of was how sick it would look when dropped and if 17-inch rims could fit in it. But I think 16s will do. I can't buy one, but I didn't care. Kept on setting it up in my head. I never wanted a Vios before. But this one, me likey. It has huge "porma" potential.

Vios TRD. Yes, this is nice as hell. But imagine this in a solid color, daily driven. Yummy.
Here's a quick look at Vios's specs (that I understand. ahihi! )...

To find out more about the new Vios, head on to!!!


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