Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Drift King is coming to the Philippines!!!

Oh... my... drifting... god! I heard about this about a month ago from a friend from Drift Mob and I thought it was only a rumor, but Drift Muscle Philippines just confirmed it on Facebook! Keiichi Tsuchiya is coming to Pinas!

For those of you who don't know, the Drift King aka "DK" is Keiichi Tsuchiya from Japan. He is the father of drifting. The first one who went sideways and everyone just followed his (tire) tracks. Drifting royalty. He should have 'HRH' before his name.

The dates are December 7-8, the venue is already set but they haven't released it yet. I'm definitely going to stay tuned to Drift Muscle Philippines on Facebook for updates! I'm not really sure what he'll do here exactly but who cares man? Just to see him drift in person will make my year! I'm taking a fan girl picture with DK. I have to. I don't care if it's baduy.

Oh man I can't wait! I don't even... I can't... Holy craaaaaaaaap!



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