Sunday, August 11, 2013

Chai earned a zip tying badge!

Yay! Earned my zip tying badge today thanks to Tweety (my Dad's Honda City).

   I heard the sound of hard plastic dragging across the road when my Dad pulled in the garage last night. The splash guard loosened for some reason and half of it was already on the floor. My Dad wanted to take it to Rapide pa but I didn't let him. I was excited to go under a car for the first time and use my blue zip ties. I remember spending about 30 minutes at Ace Hardware deciding what color to get when I bought those. Ha ha!

  So after 3 zip ties, a small wire cutter, super dirty arms and a super dirty shirt... voila! Done. I made my Dad proud today. :) I just feel bad for my luffa. It was yellow, now it's gray.


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