Friday, May 24, 2013

Ace is sick

So I went to an auto shop to get Ace's routine tune up. While they were adjusting the tappets, the mechanic showed me there was an oil leak in the distributor, O-ring needed to be replaced. So of course I gave them the go signal to do it. The mechanic removed the distributor, replaced the O-ring and installed it back in. Everything was done so it was time to test it. That's when all hell broke lose.

It was super hard starting, 5-6 tries before the engine starts. And when it does, it was sooo out of tune. The engine was vibrating like crazy. Super low idle to a point that the engine will die down. Ace had to stay there for 3 freaking days. On the third day the check engine light finally turned on. They tried to adjust the distributor, cleaned the throttle body and reset the ECU... They couldn't fix it. So a simple routine tune-up turned into a big mess! They broke my baby and couldn't fix him! Idiots! I made sure they felt a woman's wrath for sure. I brought my car there in mint condition and now it doesn't even start. One big %$#@!.