Sunday, April 21, 2013

Hot Import Nights 2 Manila

Okay, so I was really excited to go to this event since HIN 1 Manila last year. HIN 1 was pretty awesome. I remember thinking it was the dopest car show I've been to. I'd love to recall the cars I saw last year but my memory is wiped off by my fan girl moment with Hiromi Kajikuma. A drift queen. My heroine. Must insert picture.. Ha ha!

 HIN 2 Manila was a 6 out of 10 for me. Besides the fact that we ended up paying P500 for a ticket as opposed to P50 (Because we got there late, so the VIP party was about to start. Regular tickets were out. Okay, it was our fault. We couldn't resist getting isaw first before we left for the event.) Honestly, I was disappointed with the cars this year. I mean, of course they were all still awesome but I saw most of them already so I didn't see anything that really made me go.. Holy sweet Lord, take me now. Just a lot of.. Niiiiice. So it felt like I paid P500 for a movie I've seen before in a movie house with no food. Yes, no food. It didn't feel very VIP-ish. But the place did not disappoint. I still got that burst of I'm-so-cool-I'm-here, HIN vibe the moment I walked in. I hope they stick with World Trade Center for HIN 3.

 I was expecting to see lots of Toyota 86's and Subaru BRZ's but surprisingly I only saw a couple of 86's, and no BRZ's. Wanted to see some old school Japs too but I only saw one. Didn't even take a picture. There were Euros but I've always been a JDM girl so I didn't pay much attention. I did see some Porches, a Ferrari, an Audi R8 and a Mercedes SRS. And of course, what is a car show without LOTS of Honda Civics. Way less cars this year. Also, my guy friends said the models were better last year. They were all hot to me. But they kept on getting in the way when I'm trying to take a picture of a car. Ha ha! I'm probably the only person there who got pissed when they did that.

Nissan 240SX Rocket Bunny-ed!

The VIP party was all about the super hot babes. So sorry guys, all I can say is that they had really nice hair and makeup. The free Monster energy drink got most of my attention. But Jeri Lee was oohh la la! Had a bit of a lesbian moment when I saw her. Sorry no pictures. Ha ha!

Too bad it's too late to say I'm the one on the right. ;)
Good thing we decided to hang out at Shell Macapagal after the event. Where the car peeps usually hang out on a Saturday. I had a better car fix there honestly. Even met the Skyline Club. That became the highlight of my night.

Still looking forward to HIN 3, definitely. But HIN 1 smoked HIN 2's ass for sure. HIN 1 won by a mile.

Pictures! Although taken halfheartedly, a sexy car is still a sexy car. :)

Godzilla in the house!

RX7 Veilside Fortune Kit (Thanks Edu!)

240SX Rocket Bunny's sexy ass..

One of the many sexy Evos that night.

A "simple" Silvia S15.

Pretty pink S15.

A GT86 of course. My friend pointed out that little detail they added on the fender. Nice touch!

Don't know what these rims are but they looked hot on the 86.

Nice, clean AE86.

This FD was inspired by...

...this LeBron. Cool eh? (this is a LeBron right?)


  1. No food?!?!?!? That's blasphemy!!! Just kidding hehe. Nice first blog sistah!!! :-)

  2. Yey! Thanks sistah! :-) No food talaga. Starving the whole time.

  3. No girls!? That's Blasphemy!!

  4. Congrats on your first blog entry Chai! We went there sunday morning. Nakita mo yung for sale na Trueno?

    1. Yay! Thank you! This is Rich and Rina's fault. He he. May for sale na Trueno? Hindi ko nakita eh. Not the white one I posted?

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